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This site is dedicated to the research and preservation of materials pertaining to collecting .22 Rim Fire Ammunition Boxes

All information is offered as free PDF downloads to all collectors that have similar interests for their personal use. Additions and corrections to our work here are always welcomed.

Catalogs are being frequently updated as new materials are sent to me. The online catalogs will always be the latest revisions. The date columns are the revision numbers.
Richard Rains'
Bob Mancini Auction #1

This auction is the first part of the Bob Mancini collection.
***Link downloads auction catalog PDF and rules***
Auction closes April 16, 2016
Auction Results

The REMINGTON catalog has been split into two volumes due to growth issues. These two volumes are being updated and revised so be aware of many changes to both in the near future.

All publications are based on the original books by Tony Dunn and use his identification system.
CCI Commemoratives
Movie Blanks
Remington & Peters Cartridge Prints
French Cattle-Killers
Souvenir Boxes
Super-X Checklist
American Rifleman article on
American Rim Fire Cartridges, 1&2
Rim fire excerpts from Peters catalogs & price lists, 1896-1980.
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