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A Catalog of the .22 Boxes of the U.S.A."
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Tony Dunn's obituary as posted in his ".22 BOX" publication

Tony Dunn

Anthony "Tony" Dunn

     On Friday, December 18, 1992 at 11:30 P.M. the world of cartridge collecting lost one of its finer students and I lost a very close friend. A young man of 53.

     Tony was best known among those that collected .22 boxes. Tony and myself started the Association for Study and Research of .22 Caliber Rimfire Cartridges (ASR22CRC) in 1985. Publishing the ".22 BOX" as a means of disseminating information for those interested in .22 rim fire boxes and singles cartridges. For the last several years he edited the ".22 BOX". His work in cataloging all the known variations of .22 boxes was a task very few would even think to undertake, no less do. Tony's book "A Catalog of .22 Boxes of the World" will be a living tribute. Hopefully someone will step forward to continue this monumental task he started and did such a outstanding job of. He also co-authored with Don Blyth, "The .22 Rimfires of Canada". The ASR22CRC will live on. I plan to do the next couple of issues until a new editor is found.

     He leaves behind a legacy for future generations of collectors, a family and more friends than most people know. To his wife Nancy, his son Randy, his daughter Sherry, his mother Mildred, and his grand children, our thoughts are with you in this, the most trying of times. May the Supreme Collector above keep him happy cataloging that vast collection in Paradise.

George G. Kass


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