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     We recognize that it is often hard to determine what country and company some boxes came from. USA box collectors may find this a particularly hard task. In an effort to help we've created these cross-reference tables. We've used the company BRAND logos (see examples below) to help point you to the correct country. Most country catalogs are organized alphabetically so by going to the country you should be able to browse to the correct company to locate your box. Not all brand logos are included in these tables as there are numerous odd boxes listed in the miscellaneous sections so check those also. Some boxes just show the company names. You may be able to locate those boxes by using the COMPANY link. The term COMPANY means the manufacturer, or who produced the boxes. Many boxes are imported from countries other than the purchasing company's country. Some identical boxes may be manufactured in several countries and imported, probably to save money. It's a good idea to always check the box bottoms and sides to located the country of manufacture.


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