Description of terms used in catalogs
BLANK A cartridge designed to make noise only, no bullet.
BOTTOM LABEL A label placed on the bottom of the box.
BRASS WASHED BULLET A plating or washing of the bullet with a brass solution. This produces a brass appearing lead bullet.
CANNELURE A rolled groove in the case which generally was used to denote LESMOK or SMOKELESS POWDER loadings.
CAST BULLET Early process used to form bullets by pouring hot lead into molds.
C.I.P Proof Mark Under the rules imposed on Proof Houses in Europe and other countries, set by our governing body, the Commission Internationale Permanente (CIP). Headquarters in Liege, Belgium - cartridge manufacturers are required to provide samples of their products to be subjected to test by the Proof House and, if satisfactory, may carry the Proof House and CIP mark
COPPER WASHED BULLETS A plating or washing of the bullets with a copper solution. This produces a copper appearing lead bullet.
DUMMY A loaded cartridge without powder or priming mixture.
EXPERIMENTAL A cartridge which is not a standard issue, but produced for development reasons.
FULL WRAP-AROUND END LABEL A printed label which is used on a full cover style box which wraps around the ends and joins at the bottom.
FULL WRAP-AROUND SIDE AND END LABEL Same as above, but a larger label is used that also runs down the sides as well as the ends.
FULL WRAP-AROUND SIDE AND END LABELS Same as above, except two labels are used, one down the ends and one down the sides.
GALLERY A light load used by gallery ranges, generally with a bullet type that will destroy itself upon impact.
H/S Headstamp.
H/K Reference to a listing in Dale Hedlund's & John Kuntz's book on .22 boxes.
HIGH VELOCITY A smokeless powder loading which produces a velocity higher than the speed of sound at the muzzle.
KNURLED CANNELURE Same as Cannelure, but a roller with dashed marks used. Denotes special loadings in later issues.
MATCH The highest grade of target loadings.
ONE-PIECE BOX WITH END FLAPS A box that uses a slip in tray for the cartridges and the flaps on the outer box fold in at the ends to close the box.
ONE-PIECE BOX WITH A TOP FLAP A folded, one-piece box with an integral flap which folds down over the top to close the box.
OVERPRINT A hand stamped or machine printed statement added to the top of the box after the label was first printed.
PARTIAL WRAP-AROUND END LABEL A wrap-around end label that does not fully meet at the bottom of the box.
PRIMING MIXTURE The mixtures which ignites the powder when hit by the hammer or firing pin of the gun.
PRODUCT CODE This is a group of numbers or letters and numbers which the manufacturer codes his loadings with in order to have a more accurate ordering system that a description alone would give.
PROOF An overloaded cartridge used to test guns.
RANGE WARNING A warning generally on the inside of the end flaps which states the maximum range of the loads in the box.
ROSE CRIMPED CASE A folding of the case mouth to form a crimped seal in order to retain the shot in a shot loading.
SABOT A container which holds the shot while it travels down the bore of the gun.
SHOT A cartridge loaded with shot in place of a bullet.
SIDE LABEL A label which covers the side of a two-piece, full cover box, but does not form a seal.
SIDE SEALING LABEL A label which covers the sides of a two-piece, half-split box and does seal the top and the bottom of the box.
STANDARD VELOCITY A smokeless powder loading which produces a muzzle velocity less than the speed of sound.
SWAGED BULLETS A process used to form bullets which uses lead wire forced under pressure into a die.
TARGET A standard velocity loading for use in target shooting
TOP LABEL A label added to the top of a two-piece box that does not extend down the sides.
TWO-PIECE FULL COVER BOX A box that is of two-piece construction and has the top fully covering the bottom as a lift off cover. This box is held together by wrap-around labels.
TWO-PIECE, HALF-SPLIT BOX A box that is two-piece construction with the top and bottom parts meeting part way up the sides, and held together by a side sealing label.
WARNING A Consumer's Products Safety Commission warning added to boxes in 1962.

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