Are assault rifles banned in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, it is illegal to possess an assault weapon unless you are issued a specific license to possess the weapon, or it is registered or rendered inoperable.

The state prohibits the possession and transfer of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines. … More than 30 specific assault weapons are banned by name, ranging from automatic military rifles that continuously fire, and other semi-automatic weapons that fire single bullets with each trigger pull.

What rifles are banned in NJ?


  • Algimec AGM1 Type.
  • Armalite AR-180 Type.
  • Australian Automatic Arms SAR.
  • Avtomat Kalashnikov Type Semi-Automatic Weapons (AK-47)
  • Beretta AR-70, BM59 Semi-Automatic Guns.
  • Bushmaster Assault Rifle.
  • Calico M-900 Assault Carbine M-900.
  • CETME G3.

What makes an assault rifle in NJ?

Under New Jersey law, a firearm is classified as an “assault firearm” if it meets the following criteria: Semi-automatic rifles able to accept detachable magazines and at least two of the following: Folding or telescoping stock. A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon.

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New Jersey law lists firearms that are prohibited “assault firearms.” N.J.S.A.

Can you keep a loaded gun in your house in NJ?

Can You Have a Loaded Gun in Your House in New Jersey? Yes. A person can keep and carry any legal firearm in his or her place of business, residence, premises or other land owned or possessed.

Assault Weapons in New Jersey

  • A semi-automatic shotgun with either a magazine capacity exceeding six rounds, a pistol grip, or a folding stock;
  • A semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding 15 rounds; or.

Can I bring my gun from NJ to NY?

Handguns definitely no. Rifles/shotguns can be brought THROUGH NYC are not required to obtain a NYC permit for the rifle/shotgun if in New York City for less than 24 hours and the rifles and shotguns are at all times unloaded and in a closed case, or in a locked automobile trunk.

What disqualifies you from owning a gun in NJ?

The crimes that prevent you from having a weapon in New Jersey if convicted include: robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, arson, extortion, homicide, kidnapping, escape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child, stalking, and bias intimidation.

Are AK 47s illegal in NJ?

New Jersey Legal AK Rifle. This rifle is made for Atlantic Firearms by Riley Defense & is their poly stock version of the classic AK-47 rifle in semi automatic. These rifles are New Jersey legal because they do not have >> Bayonet lugs, Threaded barrels and shipped with a 10 round mag.

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What guns are illegal in NJ?

What kind of guns are banned in New Jersey?

  • semiautomatic rifles with fixed magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
  • semiautomatic shotguns that have a magazine capacity above six rounds, a pistol grip, or a folding stock.


Can I buy a semi-automatic rifle in NJ?

New Jersey residents can’t buy a semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding 15 rounds. … Conventional rifles, shotguns and handguns are legal to buy and own in the state. A potential gun customer must have a permit or a firearms purchaser identification card prior to buying a firearm.

Can I gift a gun in NJ?

New Jersey law allows a person to leave their firearm to an heir or beneficiary through their Will. There is no paperwork for a gun given by way of inheritance in New Jersey. If you have any other questions about gifting guns, call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to an Independent Program Attorney.

What happens if you get caught with a gun in New Jersey?

Possession of a firearm—including handguns, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and assault weapons—without a permit is a third-degree crime, punishable by 3 to 5 years in prison. Possession of any other weapon that requires a license or permit is a fourth-degree crime and carries a prison sentence of up to 18 months.

Can you transport loaded magazines in NJ?

That’s perfectly fine. Heck, if your guns are in the trunk of your car, and you decide to throw loaded mags all around the trunk, you are 100% legal in NJ. Nappen says “don’t transport loaded mags” but he’s a lawyer and is playing devil’s advocate.

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