Are BP weapons Good Genshin?

Which BP weapon is the best Genshin impact?

[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Battle Pass Weapons

  • Deathmatch. The Polearm representation, Deathmatch, begins at number 5. …
  • The Viridescent Hunt. …
  • Serpent Spine. …
  • Solar Pearl. …
  • The Black Sword.


What weapon do you get from BP Genshin?

Battle Class Weapons Ranking

Weapon Rating
The Black Sword ★★★★★
Serpent Spine ★★★★・
Solar Pearl ★★★★・
The Viridescent Hunt ★★★・・

What is the best weapons in Genshin impact?

Genshin Impact swords

Genshin Impact four-star sword list
Prototype Rancour 119 Physical damage +13.3%
Royal Longsword 109 Attack +15.9%
Sacrificial Sword 99 Energy recharge +23.6%
Sword of Descension 94 Attack +13.5%

Which BP weapon is the best Genshin impact Reddit?


  • THE BLACK SWORD – 00:09. · Solid weapon, I’m sure most people say to choose this and I agree. …
  • SERPENT SPINE – 01:29. · Don’t get this one. …
  • SOLAR PEARL – 03:09. …
  • DEATHMATCH – 07:17. …
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Is it worth to buy battle pass Genshin impact?

Must you buy the Battle Pass to enjoy Genshin Impact? Absolutely not! Genshin Impact is still a free-to-play game and there’s content for F2P players to grind materials from. However, it would take longer compared to players who purchase the Battle Pass.

Is black sword good Genshin?

Black Sword is the second best, Providing Crit Rate (strongest stat overall) and 20% increase in normal/charged attack damage at R1 (40% at R5). Black Sword’s passive is strictly weaker than Lion’s Roar because it only applies to Normal/Charged attacks and has no affect on Elemental Burst/Skill/Reaction damage.

Should I refine BP weapon?

Refining is nice if you’ve got a bunch of 5 star weapons for your other characters but if you don’t the BP weapons can offer a lot of value.

Is the Deathmatch good Genshin?

Deathmatch is obtainable from the battle pass in Genshin Impact. The weapon provides CRIT Rate as its secondary stat, making it a viable weapon for DPS characters. Although there is higher damage output with the Crit hits, it is not beneficial if players prefer the elemental reaction meta.

Is Deathmatch good for Xiao?

Xiao’s ideal build revolves around the amount of DPS dealt. Players need to have the ideal weapons equipped. The best weapons for Xiao are: … Deathmatch: This 4-star weapon provides Xiao with an additional 16% attack damage and 16% amplified defensive stats whenever there are two or more enemies near him.

Are 5 star weapons worth it Genshin impact?

Getting 5-star weapons and characters is hard enough in Genshin Impact, but getting two or more is downright improbable. Because of this these weapons will often be capped out at the base level of ascension.

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Are 3 Star Weapons good Genshin impact?

The Cool Steel Sword is a great weapon to have for all Hydro and Cryo DPS characters. It increases damage against enemies affected by the Hydro or Cryo element by up to 24%. It also has increased attack power as its secondary stat. This makes Cool Steel a very decent 3-star weapon in almost any situation.

What is the best sword in Genshin impact?

The best swords in Genshin Impact

Skill: Falcon’s Defiance – ATK is increased by 20%. Triggers on taking DMG: the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, holding the banner of resistance aloft, regenerating HP equal to 100% of ATK, and dealing 200% of ATK as DMG to surrounding enemies.

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