Are pistol barrels supposed to be loose?

Yup, it’s completely normal. Others will shortly explain how and why it’s loose like that, but it is normal.

Is a Glock barrel supposed to move?

Vertical movement of both the barrel hood and slide is normal on Glocks. It’s nothing to worry about from a stock perspective.

Why does a pistol barrel tilt?

In all cases the barrel travels with the slide a short distance upon firing which serves to allow chamber pressures to drop for safety. Once the barrel has traveled 1/10″ or so it typically tilts down at the chamber end whilst the slide continues it’s rearward travel ejecting the spent casing as it goes.

Is the barrel on a 9mm supposed to be loose?

Yup, it’s completely normal. Others will shortly explain how and why it’s loose like that, but it is normal.

Why is Glock barrel bent?

Originally Answered: Why do Glocks’ barrels tip upwards when the slide is locked back? That is a patented part of the cycle of operation and is attributed to John Browning. The tilting barrel allows for minimal slide travel and mass required for the pistol to feed and eject reliably.

Why are gun barrels not straight?

The barrel is also tilted “upwards” in another respect. In order to compensate for the arced path of the bullet (aka. trajectory), the barrel is tilted upwards in relation to the “sight line” (which is the straight line through the sights to the target).

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Do gun barrels point upward?

Neither the barrel nor the scope are mounted off parallel. Neither are mounted at an angle. The projectile moves in a curved trajectory because the individual shooting the rifle angles the rifle, and barrel, upward.

Should a Glock barrel be loose?

miami, like the others said, when the gun is unlocked the barrel will be loose in the slide. When the action is closed/locked/in battery then the barrel shouldn’t move within the slide. It may move just enough for you to feel, but it shouldn’t be much.

Why does my gun rattle?

It’s normal. It just means that all the rounds are not completely compressed by the spring and follower. It has to do with the shape of the follower, and how the rounds settle in the double stack formation. That sound is actually a round rattling back and forth.

What causes the slide to lock back?

It’s called the slide stop. It’s there for a reason. When you’ve fired the last round in your pistol’s magazine, the magazine’s follower pushes up against the slide stop and causes it to catch in a recess in the pistol’s slide. This, in turn, causes the slide to be locked back.

What does a rotating barrel do?

The rotating barrel serves the same purpose as the traditional Browning link, that is, it maintains a slide to barrel lock until the pressure decreases. The difference is that the movement is not vertical, but rather more of a circular “torque” movement that allows the barrel to stay “on target” longer.

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What is barrel lock up?

This means the barrel is locked together with the slide (which containes the breech) at the time of firing. They stay locked together for a short distance as the slide starts to move back. After this short distance the barrel unlocks by dropping down.

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