Best answer: Does CZ make good rifles?

The CZ 527 is a light, neat looking, and effective rifle that will not strain the back with weight or the shoulder with recoil. The price is right as well. A classic European stalker, the CZ 527 has much to recommend. The action is a modified and miniaturized Mauser.

Does CZ make good guns?

While its main purpose is home defense, the CZ 75B is a solid, well-built pistol that’s acceptable for a variety of uses, including range and competition shooting. It’s a great handgun for anyone, even newbie shooters!

What is the best CZ rifle?

The CZ 457 is the best rimfire rifle that CZ has ever made, as it incorporates every lesson CZ has learned along the way. The improvements made on the CZ 455 to create the CZ 457 include shortening the action, cutting flats in the receiver sides, a new safety, an adjustable trigger and a 60-degree bolt throw.

Is CZ better than Glock?

The CZ P09’s grip is better designed for a high grip. The gun incorporates an excellent trigger guard undercut, as well as a nice long beavertail. You can choke up on the gun and maintain excellent control over it. Maybe it’s just me, but the Glock does not encourage such a grip.

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Why was CZ p10c discontinued?

Due to production capacity, we’ve decided to discontinue a few of our models. After starting production of our new CZ TS 2 sport pistol series, the decision was taken to terminate production of the CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW ORANGE model. Production of several rifle models has also ceased.

Which CZ 457 is the most accurate?

Rifle Review: The CZ 457 LRP – The Most Accurate . 22 LR Rifle EVER!

  • CZ’s 457 LRP, LRP standing for Long Range Precision, has introduced an ALL NEW look and feel to the acclaimed 457 series.
  • Thankfully, it’s not just a looker, but easily one of the most accurate . …

Is the CZ 457 American an accurate rifle?

As you can see, our sample CZ 457 American possessed outstanding accuracy, with the average 10-shot group measuring just a hair more than 3/4″ at 50 yds. Accuracy was also amazingly consistent between loads. The smallest group fired was recorded with Aguila’s 40-gr. Rifle Match bullets, and measured just 0.55″.

How accurate is the CZ 527?

and 5.56mm meaning you can safely fire either in the 527. Accuracy at 100 yards was nothing less than outstanding. The smallest three-shot group — a single, ragged 0.15-inch hole — came from the Sig ammo. That load averaged 0.33 inch while the Black Hills was not far behind, averaging 0.51 inch.

Why you shouldn’t buy a Glock?

GLOCKs Lack an External Safety

A GLOCK is point-and-shoot perfection. There are many shooters, though, who wouldn’t be caught dead carrying/shooting a handgun without an external safety. They demand an external safety for safety’s sake; it’s one more thing to prevent a negligent discharge!

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Why are CZ pistols so expensive?

CZ has a long history of making good military firearms and for the CZ 75 and 85, they borrowed a lot of characteristics from the P210, a full length slide guiding rail and the tolerance is tight. However, there is a price for it. It needs regular cleaning and not so adaptive to different ammos and price is also higher.

What is the best CZ pistol for concealed carry?

The CZ 75 is one of the all-time great pistols, proven in competition and in combat. The CZ P09 is just incredible. Their target/competition pistols such as the CZ 75 Shadow and the CZ A01 are among the best handguns in production, period. But the ’75, the P09, and their target guns are not the easiest for daily carry.

Can you dry fire a CZ p10?

It’s proven that dry firing a striker fired pistol doesn’t do any harm but a standard CZ it can lead to a bent firing pin. I have literally thousands of dry fires without a snap cap through my G19 with zero issues. The P-10 should be fine but to each their own.

Who uses the CZ P10C?

CZ P-10 C is a compact semi-automatic striker-fired pistol made by Česká zbrojovka (CZ) in the Czech Republic. It was introduced in 2017 after development that began in 2014. The weapon is designed for self-defense and use in the armed forces.

CZ P-10 C
Sights Metal Three-Dot
References [1]

How good is the CZ p10?

Conclusions. The P-10 C is an accurate, simple, attractive, comfortable pistol with a fantastic trigger. The grip contour is much more comfortable than that of a G19 and the sights are metal rather than plastic. Getting all of this at roughly $100 less than you’d pay for a Glock 19 makes this pistol hard to ignore.

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