Best answer: What do I do with extra weapons PSO2?

What do I do with extra 13 star weapons pso2?

  1. 10-13 * Rarity can be exchanged for excubes, the higher rarity ones give more excubes per and use a different trade-in.
  2. 14-15 * Rarity can be dismantled for Plam- Materials, necessary for making certain end-game weapons plus they can sell well.

What do I do with spare discs pso2?

To elaborate, level 11 discs and up can be broken down and used to make crafted PAs after the crafting update in EP4. Keep those Lv15 discs and sell them on the market when you get a pass.

How do you equip weapons in pso2?

To bring up the menu to equip weapons and photon arts with, press F5. For clothing and units, press F6. This window is for the weapon in particular. Clicking on a slot, or a weapon icon occupying a given slot will bring up the window on the right.

Is pso2 a grindy?

Basically a Sci-Fi Fantasy Monster Hunter but easier to get into and play. Very grindy but not in a bad way. It’s one of those grindy games that you come to appreciate and end up forgetting the grind.

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Can you trade 13 star weapons pso2?

User Info: D33p_Inside. You can only trade weapons up to 12* rarity and units up to 11*. 13/14* weapon can be sold on the market, but units past 11* cannot be sold, nor can 15* weapons.

Should I sell discs PSO2?

Just sell them to free up your inventory space, and spend that 1,050 when you actually need those affixes, it won’t break your bank and it’s definitely worth it as you’d have the inventory space for other things.

Are special weapons worth it PSO2?

depends. on something like persona where almost all of the utekked weapons are cubes, they are absolutely worth picking up. additionally, with untekked stuff you have better odds of getting an 8s weapon, which could sell for 100k paying for all of the untekking and then some.

Can you expand your inventory in PSO2?

You can add up to 100 extra slots to your standard inventory.

Can you dismantle items in pso2?

Item disassembly can be done in your Personal Quarters Room in the Personal Terminal under Crafting, DIY Crafting, and Item Dismantling.

Where is the recycle shop in pso2?

The shop is located under the Store bar on the main menu with a picture of a shopping cart next to it.

Can I use subclass weapons pso2?

If the subclass is force or techer, the character will be able to use techniques through the subpalette, regardless of weapon.

How do you equip photon art?

Click on a photon art disc and press the top entry to use the item. As shown in the screenshot above, a window will pop up illustrating the gain in power for that Photon Art. Return to the Equipping Weapons menu to add that photon art to your weapon palette.

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How do you get more dex in pso2?

Your best bet is your mag (raise his DEX, this will give you +1 DEX each time its DEX levels up) but I recommend you to just be patient and level with your current gear and equip your new weapon whenever possible (even if that means waiting for level 35-36 as a Braver).

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