Best answer: What is the strongest weapon in Warframe?

Tigris Prime has the highest base damage compared to any weapon in the game. Vaykor Hek (MR12 shotgun) – Vaykor Hek can be obtained from Steel Meridian, this is a better version of the Hek variant. Boasts a better rate of fire, crit chance, and double mag capacity.

What is the most powerful Warframe?

1 Octavia: Beats That Kill

Octavia is the most overpowered Warframe in the game; there’s no contest.

What is the best weapon in Warframe 2020?

With those new choices accounted for, here are five additional primary weapons that are sure to impress in Warframe.

  1. 1 Rubico Prime.
  2. 2 Kuva Bramma. …
  3. 3 Acceltra. …
  4. 4 Trumna. …
  5. 5 Ignis Wraith. …
  6. 6 Kuva Kohm. …
  7. 7 Shedu. …
  8. 8 Corinth Prime. …


What is the strongest melee weapon in Warframe?

The best melee weapons in Warframe (2021)

  • Orthos Prime. Orthos Prime is a superb polearm weapon. …
  • Venka Prime. …
  • Silva and Aegis Prime. …
  • Reaper Prime. …
  • Gram Prime.


Whats the best rifle in Warframe?

Warframe: 15 Best Assault Rifles, Ranked

  • 8 Baza Prime.
  • 7 Kuva Hind.
  • 6 Sybaris Prime.
  • 5 Tiberon Prime.
  • 4 Fulmin.
  • 3 Stahlta.
  • 2 Trumna.
  • 1 Acceltra.
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What’s the hardest Warframe to get?

  • Harrow.
  • Khora.
  • Nidus.
  • Ivara.
  • Ash.
  • Mesa (If you can’t get the damn pherliac pods BP to drop)
  • Chroma.
  • Equinox.


Is Warframe good 2020?

Warframe is a shockingly polished free-to-play action game that boasts great visuals, gameplay, and replay value. Unfortunately, grinding and odd design choices bog down the late-game experience.

Is the kraken a good weapon in Warframe?

The Kraken is a heavy pistol of Grineer design that fires two quick shots with a single pull of the trigger. Skilled marksmen will appreciate the value in this deadly accurate weapon. can easily destroy player shields in a single burst.

How do you kill a KUVA Lich?

To fight a Kuva Lich, the player must draw them out. To do this, nodes that the Lich has influence over must be completed and their Thralls destroyed. A Lich will also have specific resistances and immunities that are unique to the player.

What are the best weapons in Warframe 2021?

20 Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

  • 19) Baza Prime.
  • 18) Vaykor Hek.
  • 17) Arca Plasmor.
  • 15) Amprex.
  • 13) Opticor Vandal.
  • 12) Tigris Prime.
  • 10) Fulmin.
  • 5) Acceltra.

Is hate good Warframe 2020?

Hate is one of the Stalkers signature weapons which can become quite powerful in the hands of a good user who has built it properly. … This weapon has a decent attack speed and have a high critical multiplier sporting 2.5x critical damage when dealing critical hits.

Is Dragon Nikana good?

Is the dragon nikana any good? Absolutely- especially if you’re planning to use a riven. The high disposition is the only reason to use D. Nikana over Nikana Prime.

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Which Warframe should I choose?

A Guide to the Best Warframes For Beginners – Making Your First Choice Seems Scary, It Doesn’t Have to Be!

  • Excalibur. Excalibur is, surprisingly enough, a Warframe based around a sword. …
  • Rhino. Rhino is more or less what you would expect. …
  • Volt. …
  • Loki. …
  • Atlas.

Is the KUVA Chakkhurr a sniper?

It’s nonetheless the best sniper rifle, but it’s not a sniper rifle.

Is supra vandal good?

Tips. Supra Vandal has a decent fire rate like the Gorgon, but it is less accurate at longer distances. Firing in short bursts may help to improve accuracy. to almost completely eliminate the Supra Vandal’s high recoil, and make it more comfortable to fire overall.

Is the Supra any good Warframe?


Supra is pretty good with the augment. If you have it, use the Vandal version as it’s just a slightly improved Supra. About 50% status on my build that I use for it, and it shreds armor like nobody’s business, so have a Carrier Prime equipped or take a good secondary and melee.

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