Best answer: What’s wrong with aluminum ammo?

You’ll find reloading debates on firearms and ammunition forums, but the official stance is just don’t do it. Though it is very strong, aluminum does have a lower melting point than brass or steel and the structural integrity of the casing simply isn’t guaranteed to hold up successfully through one or more reloads.

Is aluminum ammo bad for your gun?

No. Not at all. The only thing that is aluminum is the cartridge case. And that, in itself, is harmless to your firearms.

Whats better aluminum or brass bullets?

The main reason for choosing ammunition loaded in aluminum cases is the cost. They are just cheaper than brass cases. … Ballistics are basically the same, so if the alum ammo is used for self-defense or hunting, then there would be little difference in performance from brass cased ammo.

Can I shoot aluminum ammo in my Glock?

Glocks laugh at aluminum. If it’s the federal red box stuff like I think it probably is, you’ll be fine. I’ve run a few thousand through my Glocks without issue. Glocks will run with anything you put in it.

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Do ranges allow aluminum ammo?

Indoor ranges not allowing steel or aluminum ammo.

Why do ranges not allow steel cased ammo?

A gun range may prohibit steel cased ammo because the spent shells get mixed up with the brass ones. Steel cases are non-re loadable and they must be thrown away or discarded. Some ranges may collect the brass shells, reload and sell them for extra money.

Is Blazer aluminum ammo any good?

These aluminum cases were strong enough to withstand high pressure and feed well. The 9mm Blazer features an aluminum cartridge case with a Berdan primer. Berdan primers are reliable in many conditions but these cases are not easily reloadable. … It is cheaper than a brass cartridge case to manufacture though.

What’s better to shoot brass or steel?

Brass ammo is generally considered to be better than steel-cased ammo because it creates a better chamber seal than steel, and thus you have less blowback into the chamber and the receiver. … Steel, though cheaper, is less malleable and creates a poorer seal and so generally runs dirtier across the board.

Are steel bullets bad for your gun?

While I don’t generally recommend steel cased ammo, it’s not going to hurt your rifle in limited amounts. If used exclusively however it will reduce the barrel life by about 4,000-5,000 rounds. … It is even worse if you fire a bunch of steel cased ammo then fire brass cased right behind it in a dirty chamber.

Can you reuse aluminum casings?

Aluminum cases should never be reused. Cases which have been fired from certain Glock pistols should never be reused because lack of sufficient support in the extractor area results in destructive bulging near the case head. Varies greatly. I’ll address only cartridge cases intended for use in handheld firearms here.

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Is aluminum case 9mm good?

Arguably well. Aluminum is a cheap and very soft metal, so that’s your benefit and downfall summed up right there. Cheap can be good. I pick up a box of aluminum cases rounds for much less than other (brass) cased rounds, I can have a lot more practice and fun at the range for the same price.

Can you shoot steel cased ammo in a Glock?

So will steel cased ammo damage the Glock or any firearm? The short answer is NO. Steel cased ammo is safe to use in modern firearms because the steel used in the case is very soft. It is much softer than the steel used to make gun barrels and actions.

What type of ammo is not allowed at the range?

Ammunition Rules:

You may bring your own ammunition, but absolutely no steel core or steel jacketed ammunition may be used on the range. The use of steel core or steel jacketed ammunition will be grounds for permanent banning from the range.

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