Best answer: Where do I get yokai weapons?

Yokai Weapons can be found for any of the in-game weapon categories, and are obtained by defeating Yokai Enemies in game. They have special properties, but are also corrupted by the Yokai Realm.

How do you get yokai weapons?

How to Get Yokai Watch Weapons

  1. To get a weapon, you must summon the minion for the weapon you want and complete FATEs until you get a legendary medal.
  2. You turn in the Legendary medals at the Gold Saucer to get the weapons.
  3. You must complete FATEs in specific areas to get each weapon.


Which yokai for which weapon ff14?

Weapon/Class/Associated Minion List

Weapon Class Associated Minion
Bow of the White Wisp ARC/BRD Whisper
Whisker of the Brave Cat/Buckler of the Legendary Cat GLA/PLD Shogunyan
Fang of the Fearless Cat DRK Hovernyan
Codex of the Shrine Guardian SCH Komajiro

Are Yokai weapons good?

However Purity Weapons are more effect against Yokai from the look of it, and Corrupt Weapons (Yokai Weapons) are more effective against humans. Both inflict a debuff that increases the ki damage they receive, which applies easier based upon if they’re weak to it.

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How many legendary medals do you need for yokai weapons?

The Yo-kai weapons are a little more costly with the first weapon costing 5 Legendary medals of the current Yo-kai minion that is accompanying you. The other 16 will cost you 10 Legendary medals of that specific Yo-kai minion.

Do you need Yokai Watch for legendary medals?

You don’t need the Yokai watch to obtain legendary medals. Just the minion and correct area. Alternatively, you can keep it on to quantify how many fates you did by the end of it. You must never remove your Yo-Kai watch or you will never be a part of the family.

What do I do with extra Yokai medals?

You can take your Yo-kai Medals to the Wandering Executive NPC, who hangs out at the Gold Saucer. He’ll help you befriend various Yo-kai creatures from the series, which can be summoned as Minions once you’ve collected at least 13 of the 17 total.

What Yo Kai do you need to get Shogunyan?

All you need to do, is get the game yo kai watch. (MIND BLOWN!) Woah, a yo kai you automatically get. Cadin and buhu are very useless yo kai, EXCEPT for one thing, cadin and buhu helps you get shogunyan.

How do you get damona in yo Kai Watch 3?

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble

Damona can be freed from the Crank-a-kai by paying 3000 Y-Money, or by using a Pink Coin, Five-Star Coin, or a Special Coin.

What does the purple Kodama want?

The Purple Kodamas actually just want something from your inventory. There’s not hint of malice either, as they won’t nick your stuff and leg it, but will actually give you something back in return. To drop an item from your inventory and present it before them, head into your inventory and press [Triangle].

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Can you temper imbue corruption?

No. Only from drops or forged.

Is purity good Nioh 2?

Purity is better against Yokai as most are weak to it and resist corruption. Purity allows you to Ki Pulse after blocking an attack as well. … Corruption when it gets full overrides whatever elemental buff you’re using if you’re using one. Both increase Ki damage taken by foes when they have the respective status.

Where can I spend my yo-Kai medals?

They can be used in a toy Yo-kai Watch that plays the summoning song of the Yo-kai’s Tribe, or stored in a real-life Yo-kai Medallium. Each of them has a QR Code at the back, which can be used to scan items in the video games.

How many yokai medals do you need?

Your first minion is a freebie that can be acquired with your Yo-kai Medallion; your next will require three generic Yo-kai medals. Likewise, your first Yo-kai weapon can be exchanged for five tokens of whichever minion the weapon corresponds to. Subsequent weapons will require ten tokens each.

How do you earn yo-Kai medals?

Yo-kai Medals can be obtained by completing FATEs in certain areas while equipped with the Yo-kai Watch*. * Eastern La Noscea, Northern Thanalan, Coerthas Central Highlands, Mor Dhona, and all Shadowbringers areas are excluded.

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