Can a kid shoot a 20 gauge shotgun?

Most kids will shoot a 20-gauge shotgun for a year or two and outgrow it. Save the 20-gauge for the 10 and under crowd. By about 11 or 12 years old, most kids can handle a 12-gauge.

How old should you be to shoot a 20 gauge shotgun?

Most are 12- to 14-year-olds with 20-gauge youth-model Remington 870s or Mossberg Model 500s. The guns are too short and kick too hard. Where did they get these guns? From you, their parents, who put one under the tree a year or two earlier.

Can an 8 year old shoot a 20 gauge?

I was shooting a 20 at 8 years old and it was fine. It won’t be long and he’ll be plenty big for a 12 ga. Get a Mossberg 500 or an 870 so you can later replace the youth stock with an adult stock. For a 7yo, I’m with Outdoorsmen above.

What is the best 20 gauge shotgun for a youth?

Mossberg 505 Youth 20 Gauge Shotgun

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The Mossberg 505 is a great option for young shooters who prefer the 20 gauge round. You can also get an even smaller version of the 20 gauge in the Mossberg 510 Mini. Specs: Barrel Length: 20″, Length Of Pull: 12″, Total Shotgun Length: 37.5″, Total Weight: 5.25 lbs.

What is the best shotgun for a 10 year old?

Here Are Our Picks for the 6 Best Youth Hunting Rifles and…

  1. Remington 870 Express Compact Jr. …
  2. Savage Axis II XP Youth Centerfire Rifle Package: $385.99. …
  3. Keystone Crickett 22 Synthetic Rimfire Rifle: $115.99. …
  4. Mossberg 500 Bantam Field/Deer Shotgun Combo: $389.99.

Can a 12 year old handle a 20 gauge?

Most kids will shoot a 20-gauge shotgun for a year or two and outgrow it. … By about 11 or 12 years old, most kids can handle a 12-gauge. Our 12-year-old shoots my shotgun, with a shortened length of pull without any problems.

How hard does a 410 shotgun kick?

Shotgun Recoil Chart

Gauge, Length & Ounce Shot with Muzzle Velocity Weight of Firearm Recoil Energy (ft. lbs.)
.410, 2.5″ – 1/2 oz / 1200 fps 5.5 7.1
.410, 3″ – 11/16 oz / 1135 fps 5.5 10.5
28 Gauge, 2.75″ – 3/4 oz / 1200 fps 6.0 12.8
20 Gauge, 2.75″ – 7/8 oz / 1200 fps 6.5 16.1

What is a good starter shotgun for a child?

The Remington 870 Express Youth shotgun in 20 gauge is what I started my kids on and is still a favorite of many parents. With a downsized stock to fit smaller-frame shooters and a shorter, 21-inch barrel, it is easy to handle for youngsters.

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What is the best shotgun for a 11 year old?

If you want a simple, affordable pump 12 gauge, A Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 are hard to beat. But if you prefer semi auto, like I said, take a look at Benelli or Beretta. #1 reason why my kid will have an o/u. Ithaca makes great youth model guns as Carson mentioned.

Can a kid shoot a 410 shotgun?

Kids will show up often with a Single Shot, break-action . 410 Shotgun. … 410 is a great challenge, but not for learning to shoot.

Can a 20 gauge kill a human?

OF COURSE a damn 20 Guage will kill you. Hell, even the MUCH smaller 410 will. Even a 20 Guage that is loaded with just rock salt will kill your ass.

Are 20 gauge shotguns good for home defense?

It’s a very effective close-range load. The standard 2 ¾-inch 20-gauge buckshot load contains 20 No. 3 buckshot pellets, launched at 1,100 to 1,200 fps. … Remington, Weatherby, and Mossberg currently produce highly effective tactical/home-defense 20-gauge models.

What is a 20 gauge shotgun good for?

20-gauge shotguns are especially suitable for hunting game birds such as quail, grouse, turkey, and other game when using shot shells. A 20-gauge can also shoot slugs and buckshot and thereby become an effective deer-hunting gun.

Is buying a used shotgun worth it?

The common reasons to purchase a used shotgun are to save money or acquire a model no longer in production. Guns hold their value very well, so if you later decide to trade or sell the gun, you should be able to get pretty much what you paid for it, minimizing any loss relative to buying new.

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What is the best rifle for a kid?

The Top 5 Youth Hunting Rifles for Deer Hunting

  1. Savage Arms Axis XP Bolt-Action Rifle in TrueTimber Strata Camo. Cabela’s. …
  2. Remington Model 783 Bolt-Action Rifle and Scope Combo. Remington. …
  3. Ruger American Rifle Ranch. Sportsman’s Guide. …
  4. Mossberg Patriot Youth Super Bantam. Mossberg. …
  5. Thompson/Center Compass II Compact.
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