Can Glock 48 use P ammo?

Can I use +P and +P+ ammunition? … This ammunition may generate a higher pressure than standard ammunition, which could shorten the life of the parts of your firearm. Can I use lead bullets? No, we recommend the use of jacketed ammunition only.

Can a Glock 48 shoot +P ammo?

This mix of ammunition included ball ammunition and both standard pressure and +P 9mm loads as well as a heavyweight bullet. This should give an idea of how the piece handles all types of ammunition. The GLOCK 48 proved to be fast from the holster and fast to a first shot hit.

Is the Glock 48 +P rated?

That’s what matters in the real world. The G48 is a single stack, 10+1 capacity pistol. Magazines are Glock polymer with a baseplate that features a small lip at the front, similar to current Gen 5 larger framed pistols, that makes for a solid grip.

Can Glock handle +P ammo?

Yes, Glocks love +P ammo it actually makes them function even more reliably.

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What ammo does a Glock 48 use?

The Glock 48 is a 9mm with a 4.17-inch (106mm, the minimum barrel length in Canada) barrel and a 10-round magazine capacity. It is 7.28 inches long and 5.04 inches tall—the exact same height as a 15-round Glock 19.

Why are Gen 4 Glocks illegal California?

In California they passed a Microstamp law so any semi automatic handgun made after 2010 shall never make it on the California Gun roster. Now even if some manufacturers did this it would be very unreliable, easy to defeat and not help solve or decrease crimes.

Can a Glock 17 shoot plus P ammo?

Darrel From Glock said: There is not a problem with firing +P or +P+ FACTORY ammo out of a Glock weapon. We DO NOT recommend feeding any of our pistols a steady diet of this type of ammo due to the excessive pressures that CAN cause excessive wear on the weapon.

What is the best ammo for Glock 48?

I shot the Glock 48 and the Glock 43X with a variety of 9mm defensive and FMJ ammo.


Ammunition Group Size, 5 shots (inches at 15 yards)
Inceptor ARX 9mm 74 grain 1.73
American Eagle Syntech 9mm 115 grain 1.96
Sig Sauer 365 V-Crown 9mm 115 grain 1.51
Hornady American Gunner XTP 9mm 115 grain 2.40

Can you dry fire a Glock 17?

Can I dry fire my GLOCK pistol? It’s ok to dry fire your GLOCK pistol, but we recommend using a snap cap or dummy round if you will be dry firing for a long period of time.

Where is Glock 48 made?

Glock 48 9mm 10rd 4.17″ Pistol, Made in USA UA4850201 : RK Guns.

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Why is dry firing bad?

So unlike a typical gun, it doesn’t strike against the soft brass rim; instead, it makes an impact against the outside surface of the chamber. This can potentially damage your firing pin over time.

What does P mean on ammo?

Overpressure ammunition, commonly designated as +P or +P+, is small arms ammunition that has been loaded to produce a higher internal pressure when fired than is standard for ammunition of its caliber (see internal ballistics), but less than the pressures generated by a proof round.

What does +p mean in 9mm ammo?

Well, the answer really isn’t all that complicated: +P ammo is simply a cartridge that has been loaded with a higher amount of gun powder. … Essentially, if you have a gun that takes 9mm ammo, you can increase your velocity and power with 9mm +P cartridges without purchasing a new firearm.

Is the Glock 48 worth buying?

It is ideal for you if you’re looking for a smaller alternative to the G19. In fact, they both have the same height but the G48 is slimmer. Compared to other firearms in its category, the Glock 48 has good accuracy. The controls are also well-placed; hence it is easy to operate.

Why is there a hole in the Glock 48?

This is the lightening hole in the bottom of the Glock 48 slide.

Glock 48
Length 7.3 inches
Height 5.04 inches
Width 1.1 inches
Weight 19 ounces

Is Glock 48 full size?

The Glock 48 weighs 25.12 ounces with a full magazine. … The Glock 48 has a shorter overall length at 7.28 inches but has a longer barrel at 4.17 inches. The Glock 19 has a 4.02-inch barrel but an overall length of 7.36 inches.

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