Can Pact of the blade use any weapon?

Pact of the Blade indeed allows you to create any melee weapon and be proficient in it.

What weapons can you use for Pact of the blade?

You can also use Pact of the Blade to bond with a magic weapon, turning it into your pact weapon. This magic weapon doesn’t have to be a melee weapon, so you could use the feature on a +1 longbow, for instance.

Can your hex weapon be your pact weapon?

They can be two different weapons.

This means every weapon you create with the Pact of the Blade class feature benefits from the Hex Warrior ability. The “If you later” part of the rule is there to cover the fact you gain Hex Warrior at 1st level but gain Pact Boon later at 3rd level, if you choose it.

Is a pact weapon a magic weapon?

Pact weapons are all magic weapons. The binding is basically a cheat to become proficient with any weapon you please, so if players find a good weapon later they can use it with all other pact of the blade features.

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Can Hexblade use versatile weapons?

The feature says that you can use it on any weapon that lacks the two-handed property. Versatile doesn’t gain the two-handed property just because you are wielding it with two hands. Pact of the Blade is not necessary.

Is Pact of the blade good without Hexblade?

So a Hexblade without Pact of the Blade can wear armor and use a longsword and shield. Defensively, you will be fine. But offensively, you will not have the damage output the game will “expect” past level 5. You can compensate by using Eldritch Blast (with Agonizing Blast) to keep up, but that’s a ranged attack.

Is Pact of blade good?

Pact of the Blade is the go to for any Warlock that’s looking to get into the fray and fight with the big boys. The boon allows you to summon a weapon into your hands as an action. … You can then treat it the same way as any other weapon you summon with this feature. At a base level, this ability is pretty great.

Are Hex weapons magical?

No it doesn’t allow said weapon to be considered magical. The Pact of the Blade feature that allows you to conjure any weapon you might desire is innately magical as is. So in that sense, though these features synergize well, the Hex Warrior’s effect still isn’t the cause of it being magical.

Can a Hexblade dual wield?

This making hexblade a very poor choice for a dual wielding character. As it allow you to use CHAR for attack and damage rolls you are much better of going for a heavy weapon that do more damage and lets you freely use your bonus action for hex curses, smites and such.

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Can you have 2 Pact weapons?

Technically, no you can’t have two Pact Weapons. But technically, yes you can have one weapon as your Hexblade Weapon and a different weapon as your Pact Weapon.

Can a hand crossbow be a pact weapon?

So, if he has a magic hand crossbow, he can use it as a pact/hexblade weapon (even without the improved pact weapon invocation).

Is Pact of the blade Hexblade?

No. Hexblades with Pact of the Blade have 2 things they can do: Hexblade Warrior allows you to select a weapon without the 2-handed property and use your charisma modifier instead of strength (or dex for a 1 handed ranged weapon or finesse weapon).

Can a Hexblade use a gun?

If you want to be a strict rules interpretation, the answer is “no”. Pact of the Blade specifically calls out a Melee weapon, and XGTE specifically created an Invocation that let you also create specific ranged weapons. But in my own games – that is stupid. Of course he can bond his gun, its his weapon.

Do versatile weapons count as one handed?

Versatile weapons are indeed one-handed, that’s what the term refers to: An one-handed weapon that can be wielded in both hands for more damage. For example the longsword deals 1d8 in one hand, or 1d10 when wielded with both. A net doesn’t specify being two-handed or versatile, and therefore it’s one-handed.

Do Hexblades wield their patron?

It should be possible (not mandatory) for a Hexblade to find its patron weapon and wield it. If your DM is fine with it and it fits into the story it could be the greatest moment for the Hexblade in a campaign.

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