Can u use small pistol primers in 223?

I did the same thing, they work great. I Loaded small pistol primers{ federal 205} in . 223 casinge, shot across the course in a service rifle match, no problems. No difference in point of impact from the rifle primers and no damage.

Can I use small pistol primers in 223?

In standard loads – NO! You WILL pierce primers. The difference is not so much in the compound, but the cup. SP primers have a thinner cup because pistols don’t hit the primers as hard, operate at lower pressure and usually have less firing pin protrusion.

Can small pistol primers be substituted for small rifle primers?

yep… what RC said. SR primers have a harder cup so that when used in a rifle with higher pressure they do not pierce and allow hot escaping gases to damage the bolt face and firing pin. SP primers have a softer cup to make them ignite reliably with handgun firing systems.

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Can you use a small pistol primer in a rifle?

As such, using pistol primers in rifle cartridges is foreseeable. So, they would need to make pistol primers safe in rifle cartridges. For instance, 38 special and 357 magnum; if one must not work in another, then they must make it so it cannot.

What size primer is used for 223?

Remington 6 1/2 small rifle primers tend to work best in bolt . 223 over semi auto . 223/ 5.56 rifles. The CCI #41 is a Mil Spec primer very similar to their #400, all of the Small standard primer types (pistol, pistol magnum, rifle, and rifle magnum) will fit in the .

What is the difference between a small pistol primer and a small rifle primer?

Handgun primers have thinner cups than rifle primers, making them easier to ignite with the typically weaker firing pin fall of handguns.

Can I use small rifle primers in 9mm?

It’s just not safe to toss a small rifle (or small pistol magnum, or small rifle magnum) primer in place of a regular small pistol primer if you already have a max or near max load. You could shoot the pressure through the roof.

Why are small pistol primers so hard to find?

So what’s going on here — why can’t you find primers? One reason is that primer producers such as Federal and CCI are using the vast majority of the primers they make to complete their loaded ammunition, which is flying off the shelves.

Can I use small rifle primers in place of small pistol magnum primers?

You should not have any problem using small rifle primers for your . 357 mag load, but it never hurts to reduce the load by 10% and work up.

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Can you use small pistol primers in 357?

I have always used just regular small pistol primers for . 357. Winchester small pistol primers say “for regular and magnum loads” on the box. I have always used just regular small pistol primers for .

What are small pistol primers used for?

I have found that Federal and Fiocchi are using small pistol primers in their ammo. It’s conclusive that large primers give more velocity with all powders tested especially the slower ones such as Herco. That is because the large pistol primer has a stronger ignition on the powder charge.

Can I use Magnum primers for 223?

Magnum primers are just fine for . 223/5.56, and often recommended when using several ball powders.

Can you use CCI 400 primers for 223?

CCI 400 standard small rifle primers – intended for . 223, especially plinking loads with 55gr bulk bullets.

Will CCI 450 primers use 223?

IIRC, Speer data recommends a magnum primer (CCI 450) for all ball powder loads in 5.56/. 223.

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