Can you get S rank with unlimited ammo re3?

Using infinite ammo weapons does not void S Ranks or trophies / achievements. So feel free to make use of them. The best way to get points is by farming weapon kills.

How do you get S rank in RE3?

Standard S-Rank Requirements: Beat the game in 2 hours without saving more than 5 times (does not count auto-saving). Hardcore S-Rank Requirements: Beat the game in 1 hour and 45 minutes without saving more than 5 times (does not count auto-saving).

Can you use infinite weapons for S+ RE3?

S+ rank does not exist in Resident Evil 3. Using special items does not affect your rank, thus yes, you can use all items, including the infinite rocket launcher, to breeze through the game and get your S ranking with relative ease.

Is there an S+ rank in RE3?

RE3 Remake doesn’t have an S+ rank. … This is an assessment of your overall performance – there are only two factors influencing your rank: Clear Time – You must complete the game within the required time limit for a given rank. The higher the rank, the more you have to hurry (speedrun).

How do you beat re3 under 2 hours?


  1. The Nemesis boss fight doesn’t have to take too long. …
  2. Don’t kill any zombies on the way to Kendo’s Gun Shop. …
  3. Blast the legs of the parasite zombies blocking your way through the alley and the house.
  4. Ignore Nemesis, for the most part, just dodge at the right time, and the rockets won’t hit you at all.
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How hard is inferno mode re3?

Inferno mode is reserved for the most skilled RE3R players who have managed to beat the game on both the Hardcore and Nightmare difficulties respectively. As you’d expect, enemy strength is turned up considerably in this mode. There are also fewer typewriters and item boxes just to make things a little more stressful.

How do you get the S+ re3 remake?

In order for you to earn the S rank in the game, you will need to clear the game, and save as little as possible. Take advantage of the auto-save feature in difficulties under Inferno to meet the requirements.

What does Nemesis drop in re3 remake?

The Nemesis will chase you down a concrete hallway underground, which will lead you to a yellow vent cover you can pry off so Jill can get away. Look nearby for a couple of explosive barrels you can use against the Nemesis. Knock him down and he’ll drop a case containing shotgun ammo.

Is RE3 remake too short?

No, it’s not too short. It tells a very concise story and doesn’t have any fluff, which I applaud it for. It’s also very replayable, and actually has some fun challenges to grind for to unlock weapons for subsequent play throughs.

Why is RE3 so short?

Because the Original Resident Evil 3 was pretty short itself. The original release actually received padding in the guise of the Park and the Dead Factory areas, both of which were added after Resident Evil 3 was officially called “Biohazard 3” by the Upper Management in Capcom.

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Is RE3 remake hard?

While RE3 is still difficult, there are a few changes that makes it feel less challenging than in RE2. … The enemies in RE3 Hardcore are also less tougher than the enemies in RE2, taking only a few more shots to kill them instead of the 10+ shots.

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