Can you get the wonder weapon in outbreak?

Loot crates are placed throughout each of Treyarch’s Outbreak maps and include tons of items, equipment, and even guns for players to obtain. Meaning that if fate is smiling in your favor, it may grant you a Legendary Wonder Weapon upon opening a chest.

How many wonder weapons are in cold war outbreak?

Outbreak Wonder Weapons

So far, we’ve discovered that there’s a total of three different Wonder Weapons that can be obtained in the new Outbreak mode. You’ll likely be familiar with the Wonder Weapons from Cold War Zombies and older Call of Duty games.

Can you get the RAI K-84 in outbreak?

Black Ops Cold War’s latest Zombies mode, Outbreak, allows you to get your hands on all three Wonder Weapons. Unfortunately, you can only carry either the Ray Gun or RAI K-84. With both of these weapons in your hands, Zombies wouldn’t stand a chance.

Can you have two wonder weapons in outbreak?

Carrying both the Ray Gun & RAI K-84

That being said, if you still want to hold both weapons in Outbreak, here’s what you need to do: … As you open the Pack-a-Punch menu, switch your weapon and then upgrade it (this should give you two versions of the same Wonder Weapon, one upgraded and one normal)

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Is Ray Gun in outbreak?

Here’s how Outbreak players can obtain all Wonder Weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s exciting twist on Zombies in Season 4. The Ray Gun, R.A.I. K-84, D.I.E. Shockwave, and CRBR-S are all available to obtain in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies Outbreak mode through various means.

How do you die Shockwave outbreak?

The Ice, or Cryo-Emitter, upgrade for the DIE Shockwave is appropriately found on the Alpine map. There are three frozen ponds in total, but the Ice upgrade is found on the small frozen pond to the south of the map in a crate. Walk over to it and open up the chest to get it.

Is Die Shockwave good in outbreak?

The D.I.E Shockwave is effective at clearing out large groups of zombies instantly, which is incredibly useful for situations where you are cornered with no escape. I would recommend using the D.I.E Shockwave as a secondary weapon up to round 10-15 if you are playing solo or duo.

Is the Rai K-84 an assault rifle?

The RAI K-84 is an incredibly strong gun that can be shot like an assault rifle or a grenade launcher. In its assault rifle form, the RAI K shoots Ray Gun-like ammo.

How do you get the wonder weapon after you die?

How to get the free D.I.E. Shockwave Wonder Weapon and unlock all 4 upgrades on Die Maschine in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

  1. Turn on the power. …
  2. Activate the terminals. …
  3. Step into the Dark Aether portal. …
  4. Head over to Medical Bay or Weapons Lab. …
  5. Go to the Particle Accelerator Room. …
  6. Kill the radioactive zombie.
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Is Ray Gun a wonder weapon?

The Ray Gun Mark II is a Wonder Weapon that is introduced in Buried and retroactively added to all Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies maps.

Did dead WIRE get nerfed?

After Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Dead Wire Tier V Ammo Mod and Ray Gun ammo count were nerfed, Treyarch confirmed they are reverting these nerfs. … The Dead Wire Ammo Mod causes your bullets to deal electrical damage to foes, and upgrading it with Aetherium Crystals gives it some unique capabilities.

Can you get the ray gun in Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War: How To Get The Ray Gun In Die Maschine

To earn the ray-gun, you’ll want to complete an easter egg dubbed “Dancing Pallbearers”, as per a meme. You’ll need to have your Pack-A-Punch machine built, a gun that fires bullets (i.e not a launcher or a knife), and head to the Particle Accelerator room.

Can you get 2 ray guns in Cold War?

A brand-new and extremely overpowered glitch has been found for Cold War Zombies which allows players to carry two of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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