Can you kill Thargoids with regular weapons?

Both standard weapons and AX weapons are effective against Thargoid Scouts, although they possess a 77% damage resistance against standard weapons and can deflect missiles.

Do you need guardian weapons to fight Thargoids?

ZAKALWEINC8876. Yes, both interceptors (very difficult but not impossible without Guardian tech) and scouts can (fairly easily) be beaten without guardian stuff. The fastest way to kill scouts is turreted AX MCs, and they are not a guardian unlock.

How do you kill Thargoids?

To exert the heart, you will need to deal direct damage to the Thargoids hull, once you deal 20% of the remaining hull in damage, the Heart will begin glowing very brightly. This means the Heart is exerted. When exerted, the heart can be damaged. You will have approximately 30-40 seconds to destroy the heart.

Do beam lasers work against Thargoids?

For scouts, yes. Regular weapons work, just not as well as AX/guardian stuff. For interceptors, they effectively do nothing.

Are Guardian weapons worth it?

If you want to fight Thargoids, guardian weapons are pretty much necessary. They’re WAY better than their AX counterparts, especially if you aim to fight Thargoid interceptors. The only situation where AX weapons are better are in fighting scouts – mounting turreted multicannons can be useful then.

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Are Guardian weapons good against humans?

Unlike AX weaponry it is still highly effective against human ships, though its armour penetration is excessively high for most man-made ships, and a well-Engineered Railgun of the same class will likely outperform a Gauss Cannon against human vessels. … This effect is altered by the use of custom Weapon Colours.

Are Thargoids aggressive?

‘Elite Dangerous’ Lore: Thargoids

Thargoids are highly territorial and seemingly rebuff all diplomatic overtures with unmitigated hostility, but are also known to be extremely slow to adapt.

Where do you fight Thargoids?

The most consistent means is to find Thargoids in Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS) in either the Pleiades Region or the Witch Head Nebula. However, you can also find Thargoids at a few static locations across human space.

How do you kill a Thargon Swarm?

Thargon Swarms can be destroyed using a Remote Release Flak Launcher, which releases a cloud of explosive shrapnel that shreds the drones. A few well-placed shots can take out the entire swarm, significantly reducing an Interceptor’s total offensive capacity.

Is beam laser good elite dangerous?

Usage. The Beam Laser inflicts thermal damage, making it very effective against shields and less effective against armour. … They are known for their high DPS compared to other lasers, at the cost of thermal waste and distributor draw.

Is Elite dangerous free?

November 19, 2020 Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door are now free to claim on Epic.

Do normal weapons hurt Thargoids?

Normal weapons: 23% damage to Thargoid Scouts, less than 1% damage to Thargoid Interceptors. You fight those buggers with AX or Guardian weapons, they do full damage to Thargoids.

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What weapons do Thargoids damage?

Thargoid Scouts have two weapons: a rapid-fire energy weapon that partially breaches shields and can inflict damage directly to a ship’s hull, but modules are safe from the phasing damage. They occasionally fire caustic missiles at their target, though this is rare unless a Berserker is present in the instance.

How hard are Thargoid Scouts?

Scouts are the small Thargoids, introduced in 3.0. They appear in packs, and do caustic damage. They are relatively easy to fight, though some modifications are recommended. They are very different from Thargoid Interceptors, which are far more difficult to fight.

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