Can you trade weapon tokens Shadowlands?

You no longer need a weapon that uses the same number of hands, or even the same main stat on the weapon to trade another weapon! … In Shadowlands, these trading restrictions appear to have been relaxed, only requiring an equal or higher item level weapon that you can equip.

How do Weapon Tokens work Shadowlands?

The latest Shadowlands build includes a pretty significant change to gear drops in raids: instead of weapon drops, there will be tokens you can turn in for weapons of your choice. These tokens are called Anima Spherules, and they can be turned in at your Covenant Sanctum for weapons and offhand items.

Can you trade weapon tokens Castle Nathria?

The following tokens from Castle Nathria can be exchanged for weapons at your Covenant Sanctum. Abominable Anima Spherule — Drop from Sun King’s Salvation and the token is intended for Death Knights, Demon Hunters, and Warlocks.

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Can you trade Mythic plus gear Shadowlands?

Yes, you can trade gear from mythic+ exactly the same as you would any other dungeon.

Can you trade personal loot WoW?

Modern WoW and Burning Crusade Classic

Loot from normal difficulty Dungeons cannot be traded. If the player you want to trade with is not from your same realm, the trade must be completed before leaving the dungeon or raid instance.

Are there tokens in Shadowlands?

Blizzard Confirms That World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Will Not Have Bonus Roll Tokens For PvE Content. As World of Warcraft: Shadowlands creeps closer and closer, being released just barely a month from today, the developers have had more to share with each passing day.

Are there loot tokens in Shadowlands?

In a post discussing Shadowlands loot today, Blizzard confirmed that bonus rolls no longer exist in Shadowlands as their value is provided with the Great Vault and the overall reduction of loot quantities in the expansion.

Why are there no weapon drops in Castle Nathria?

Weapons as such do not drop in Castle Nathria. Instead Anima Spherules drop as loot. These are Weapon, Shield, or Off-hand Tokens and can be redeemed at your Covenant. Each Anima Spherule has a chance to drop off two different bosses, giving you two chances per clear to get your piece.

Can you get weapon tokens from great vault?

Castle Nathria bosses drop weapon tokens and those tokens should very, very likely be able to show up in your weekly Great Vault cache.

Do weapons drop in Castle Nathria?

Announced last week, the Castle Nathria Raid is now more lucrative and is now dropping more loot and weapon tokens for NA Servers, with EU Servers receiving this change after their weekly reset.

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Can you trade loot in mythic+?

Dungeon and Raid Loot

Loot from normal difficulty Dungeons cannot be traded. If the player you want to trade with is not from your same realm, the trade must be completed before leaving the dungeon or raid instance.

Can you trade loot from Mythic plus?

You cannot trade gear that you have equipped or modified (enchanted, upgraded, transmogrified, etc). You cannot trade gear that is an upgrade for your character. … This means you cannot trade an item that is an upgrade for another of your specializations, even if you don’t play that other specialization.

What item level does Timewalking dungeons drop Shadowlands?

Loot from Timewalking Dungeon bosses is ilvl 158. Loot from Timewalking vendors is ilvl 138.

Does bonus roll loot trade?

If you spend a token there is a small chance you will win the item from the regular roll and the exact same item from the bonus roll. If you were rolling against a teammate you can trade the normal mode loot to them.

What do you do with Soulbound gear in Shadowlands?

Disenchanting comes along with Enchanting and allow you to convert the item to enchanting materials. So if you have an item that is not usable and soulbound you can disenchant it (assuming you have the proper profession level) and get materials that you can use as an enchanter or sell on the auction house.

Can you trade BOE cross realm?

You absolutely can! You can trade all items which are dropped in dungeons/raids, but only with people which were in your party when you looted it.

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