Can you upgrade all weapons in Bioshock 2?

No, there’s only 14 (I think) upgrade stations. So you really have to choose your favorites, or alternatively, go through the game a second time to see what all the upgrades can do.

What weapons should I upgrade in Bioshock 2?

If you arent a driller, then spear gun should be your go-to gun. Reasonably fast reload time when upgraded, headshots crush just about everything in one hit, rocket spears tear up big daddies and sisters.

Can you upgrade all weapons in Bioshock?

It’s possible to collect 12 upgrades in total thus upgrading every weapon twice.

How many weapon upgrades are in Bioshock 2?

While once again exploring Rapture, players must use weapons to dispatch splicers and other enemies. This time around, there are 14 upgrade stations which can vastly improve the effectiveness of each weapon.

What is the best gun in Bioshock 2?

1 The Paddywhacker Hand Cannon

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The Paddywhacker is the undisputed champ of guns in Bioshock Infinite.

Should I kill Grace BioShock 2?

The player can choose whether or not to kill Grace, and the outcome of this choice affects the storyline. If the player lets her live, she will have a change of heart and send Delta some friendly Security Bots to help him escape from the area, and later some supplies through the Pneumo in Siren Alley.

What is the best weapon in BioShock?

The shotgun is the best weapon of Bioshock and the most consistent one throughout the whole series. Holding it in Bioshock means nobody will survive. It has excellent upgrades, stopping power, and functional ammo capacity. The shotgun works well long and short-range.

Should I kill Cohen BioShock?

Killing Cohen in Fort Frolic is pointless, because there are no special achievements in the original PC version and the treasure inside the muse box is nothing noteworthy.

Do you kill Stanley in BioShock 2?

There are separate sections of the ending for mercy or vengeance towards people who have done evil and personal moral choices with regard to the little sisters. Killing Stanley will go towards the “bad” version of that section of the ending–though only if you kill more significant NPCs than you spare.

How many weapons can you carry in BioShock Infinite?

In Bioshock , you could easily change weapons, but with Bioshock Infinite you are limited to carrying only two weapons at a time.

Should I kill Gil?

BioShock 2 treats sparing Gil as the “good” act, even though he is responsible for turning little girls into Little Sisters and linking them to Big Daddies. … BioShock 2’s video game logic dictates that killing Gil is essentially the wrong thing to do because Eleanor will learn from your acts of vengeance in the end.

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Is BioShock 2 Hard on hard?

There’s a lot of ammo lying around if you’re willing to search for it. Heck, imho Bioshock 2’s hard mode is a cakewalk compared to Bioshock 1. I managed to finish the game on hard fully stocked up 80% of the time simply by doing the things above and saving often.

What are the best plasmids in BioShock 2?

There are eleven Plasmids in BioShock, but which one is the best?

While there are several different plasmids in the game, only one can be called the best.

  1. 1 Electro Bolt.
  2. 2 Hypnotize Big Daddy. …
  3. 3 Incinerate! …
  4. 4 Telekinesis. …
  5. 5 Winter Blast. …
  6. 6 Enrage. …
  7. 7 Cyclone Trap. …


How do you beat BioShock 2 on Hard?

Here’s some things I did to help on the Hard playthrough.

  1. Do research, when you get the Camera. Use it ASAP. …
  2. Use the environment to your advantage. Use shock in water to take out groups, set up traps, etc.
  3. Do good choices when you can, it gives out better benefits.


Is it better to rescue or harvest in BioShock 2?

Similar to the first BioShock game, Harvesting the Little Sister will give you 160 ADAM but don’t expect to get the good ending. There is an achievement in BioShock 2 where it will unlock when you save all Little Sisters that you adopt. If you choose to Rescue them, you will get a limited amount of ADAM from them.

Is the repeater better than the machine gun in BioShock Infinite?

The Vox repeater is an automatic firearm found throughout Columbia. It is a bit more powered than the machine gun and is extremely useful due to the high quantity of ammunition lying around.

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