Do they make a 500 magnum rifle?

Is there a 500 magnum rifle?

Proudly built in the USA, the Big Horn Armory Model 89 lever-action rifle in . 500 S&W Magnum continues the rich legacy of American firearms design and development.

Who makes a 500 magnum rifle?

.500 S&W Magnum
Designer Cor-Bon, Smith & Wesson
Designed 2003
Manufacturer Smith & Wesson
Produced 2003–present

How far will a 500 mag shoot?

Smith & Wesson Model 500
Cartridge .500 S&W Magnum, .500 S&W Special
Action Double/Single Action
Muzzle velocity Approx. 2,075 ft/sec (~632 m/s)
Effective firing range 165 ft (~50 m)

What is a 500 magnum chambered in?

The Model 500 is chambered for the . 500 S&W Magnum cartridge, one of the world’s most powerful cartridges and the biggest that Smith & Wesson use. The weapon was specifically designed for this immensely powerful caliber, hence the X-Frame size, as no other Smith & Wesson revolver could cope with the force of the shot.

What is the most powerful lever action rifle?

50-110 Winchester. The . 50-110 WCF (also known as the . 50-100-450 WCF , with different loadings) in modern 1886 Winchesters with modern steel barrels is the most powerful lever-action cartridge, with up to 6,000 foot pounds of energy.

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What is the largest caliber lever action rifle?

50–95 is the heaviest caliber (actually . 510 caliber) in a lever action rifle.

What is the deadliest handgun caliber?

The 10 Most Powerful Handguns in the World

  • The most powerful pistol and revolver cartridges listed in order of chamber pressure. …
  • The Magnum Research BFR in .45/70. …
  • The Magnum Research Desert Eagle in .50 AE. …
  • The Smith & Wesson Model 29. …
  • The Ruger Single Seven. …
  • The Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan.


Can a 500 magnum kill an elephant?

The Smith & Wesson 500 performed well during this hunt. We recovered one of the bullets from the elephant and found it too retained over 90% of it’s weight. If I were to hunt with a revolver all the time a scope would definately be in order.

Can a 500 magnum kill a bear?

500 S&W is a very difficult round to control when fired from any handgun platform. Yes, a good well placed hit from one with the right bullet would probably wreck any bear in short order.

What’s more powerful a 357 or a 45?

Both are powerful, but are different types of power. The . 357 is smaller and lighter bullet making a large temporary cavity through higher velocity, but the . 45 makes a bigger hole and has more mass.

What is the most powerful gun in the world?

The . 50-caliber rifle created by Ronnie Barrett and sold by his company, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc., is the most powerful firearm civilians can buy. It weighs about 30 pounds and can hit targets up to 2,000 yards away with armor-piercing bullets.

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Why are magnums so powerful?

The caliber is so powerful because it uses 3 to 4 times the gunpowder used in a 45ACP; while the projectile size remains approximately the same. This more than doubles the muzzle velocity and muzzle energy of the bullet.

Glock 19. This is by far one of the most popular pistols in America. Glock has what is arguably the most reliable, durable, and most widely used 9mm firearm on the market. Beginners and avid shooters and keen on using the Glock 19.

What is the most powerful Glock?

The Glock 20 handgun is the most powerful semi-automatic pistol in Glock’s inventory. Designed around the 10mm Auto cartridge, the Glock 20 is a formidable combination of powerful handgun cartridge and high capacity autoloader.

Is a 500 Magnum a 50 cal?

50-cal. cartridge. The S&W X-frame Model 500 is a brawny handgun designed to master the most rigorous hunting fields in the world.

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