Do they still make corrosive ammo?

Boxer-primed ammunition is not corrosive, so you don’t have to worry about it. Not all Berdan is corrosive, but almost all of the surplus ammunition you find on the market with Berdan primers is corrosive.

Is corrosive ammo really that bad?

Corrosive ammo is no problem at all as long as you clean your rifle as described above. I have shot thousands of rounds of corrosive 8mm and 7.62×54 through my rifles and have no problems with it. The trouble of having to always clean the rifle is outweighed by the 8 cents per round that I average for these calibres.

When did the US military stop using corrosive ammo?

While the U.S. military began to phase out corrosive-primed ammunition in the 1950s, many nations continued to use the stuff during the Vietnam era and beyond. Military ammunition must meet rigorous requirements. Corrosive primers do not equal cheap or poorly made ammo.

Why is some ammo corrosive?

What makes ammo “corrosive”? Generally speaking, primers are the problem. When corrosive ammunition is fired, the ignited primers leave a residue of corrosive salts. Typically these primers contain potassium chlorate, or sodium petrochlorate which, when burned, change into potassium chloride or sodium chloride.

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Is Russian surplus ammo corrosive?

All surplus 7.62x54R is corrosive. 100% of surplus ammo in any ComBloc caliber is corrosive. New commercially-produced stuff is non-corrosive, but all the old surplus is.

How long does it take for corrosive ammo to damage?

These salts attract atmospheric moisture and hold it in contact with the bare steel inside the bore. Corrosive ammo will begin to damage the bore within 24 hours if left unchecked. In very dry climates where humidity is less than 20%, it may take longer.

What is the deal with corrosive ammo?

Corrosive ammunition is ammunition that leaves corrosive deposits in the bore and chamber after firing. … After a cartridge with a corrosive primer has been fired, a type of salt gets deposited everywhere that the combustion took place (bore, chamber, bolt face, etc).

Is M80 corrosive?

All M80 is non-corrosive.

Is there corrosive 556 ammo?

No 5.56 ammo has corrosive primers.

What ammo brands are corrosive?

There is currently no new commercial ammunition available that is corrosive. American Ammunition, also called American, ADE and AMERC is absolutely the worst commercial ammunition I have ever dealt with. Wolf causes problems in some guns, but other folks have good luck with it.

Should I buy corrosive ammo?

Conclusion: Corrosive Ammo

The corrosive surplus ammunition on the market is a great and inexpensive way to enjoy your military rifle. By properly cleaning your rifle after using ammunition that is or is suspected to be corrosive, you can ensure that your rifle will have a long and corrosion-free life.

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Will corrosive ammo ruin my gun?

As a Gunsmith I often see Firearms that have been ruined by Owners who haven’t been taught the proper way to clean their Firearm after firing them with Corrosive Ammunition. … When the Primer is fired, Corrosive Salts are deposited all inside the Barrel of the Weapon and anywhere Powder, Carbon, Copper Residue travels.

Can you clean corroded bullets?

If the rounds are greasy (as they frequently are with de-linked ammo) or have tar sealant on them they get a wipe down with lacquer thinner on a rag. If the rounds have corrosion spotting I’ll take a scotchbrite pad or steel wool and lightly buff the corrosion away and inspect.

Is Barnaul ammo any good?

The cartridges proved to be utterly reliable with an average group size of 1.01″. Although the group sizes were slightly larger, the Barnaul cartridge was available for $0.28 per shot at the time of testing.

What does corroded ammo look like?

If the corrosion your speaking of is just fuzzy stuff on the bullet itself, just wipe it clean and you should be OK. Dark discoloration of the surface of the brass isn’t a problem either. The stuff to be concerned about is green and /or white fuzzy looking corrosion on the surface of the brass case.

Is military surplus ammo good?

It’s common to find corrosive ammo in military surplus. Boxer-primed ammo is rarely corrosive while Berdan-primed ammo has a high chance of having corrosive properties. … It’s not a sin to shoot corrosive ammunition but to ensure that it won’t damage your gun, clean the residue out of the weapon after each use.

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