Does FN make good pistols?

By all accounts, the FN 509 is a boringly reliable pistol. Marketing materials for the pistol emphasize that over one million rounds were fired through pistols during testing. However, it is competing in a very crowded field.

Is FN better than Glock?

From a distance, the FN 509 beats the Glock, but up close, the Glock Gen 5 frame feels higher quality. Not to mention, the Gen 3 and 4 frames feel similar to the FN 509. Overall, the quality on the FN seems higher than the quality on the Glock.

Why are FN pistols so expensive?

Probably has a lot to do with design and development and the fact that no military in the world is latching on to them in great numbers to offset the cost of their civilian sales. They are very cost prohibitive guns to say the least.

Is the FN 9mm a good gun?

The FNS-9 is a somewhat concealable, striker-fired pistol with 100% ambidextrous controls. Out of the box, the iron sights, minimal controls, and metal magazines put it miles ahead of any Glock. It’s comfortable to hold and shoot and it’s plenty accurate. The FNS-9’s trigger is pretty bad.

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In compliance with federal, state and local laws, FN America, LLC does not sell firearms or ammunition consumer direct. FN firearms must be purchased through your local FN retail dealer.

What pistol does FBI use?

Their primary weapon, their sidearm, is a Glock 19M; it’s a brand new weapon—that’s predominantly what we’re going to teach them with.

Do Navy SEALs use Glock 19?

Naval Special Warfare Command made the decision to add the Glock 19 to the available inventory of the SEAL Teams a little over a year ago. They will slowly begin to phase out the Sig Sauer P226 and replace those with the Glock 19 platform.

Is a FN Five Seven worth it?

Both the gun and the exotic ammo are on the pricey side. However, we feel that the Five-SeveN is well worth it. If you have the chance to shoot a Five-SeveN, you should. It is unlike any gun I have ever shot and is truly a remarkable weapon.

Is the FN 5.7 Powerful?

In short, it appears that the 5.7x28mm round IS effective in the real world, despite the deficiencies compared to traditional cartridges used for personal defense. 5.7mm has a flatter trajectory, meaning you can hit targets more easily at longer range.

Can you conceal carry a FN Five Seven?

That being said, the Five Seven has large capacity magazines, and is pretty forgiving to shoot, especially when you consider it’s firing a rifle round. It’s a big pistol if you’re looking to concealed carry, but as a gun you want in your nightstand or whatever, I could see it being useful.

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Should I buy a FN 509?

The FN 509 Compact walks a very fine line of being just big enough to get a good confident purchase on the gun when you go to draw as well as shooting more like a full-size gun than a smaller-size gun. While also being small enough that you can conceal it with ease.

What does FN stand for in guns?

Fabrique Nationale d’Armes. de Guerre (FN) is formed to produce 150,000 Mauser rifles for the Belgian government.

Is the FN 509 tactical worth the money?

Oh, yes. The price may seem a bit off-putting, but the jump in price over the standard 509 (which is an excellent pistol on its own) is reflective of the extras you get. And worth it. The MSRP of the 509 Tactical is some $400 more than the standard pistol.

Can civilians own FN Scar?

Can a civilian buy a SCAR rifle? – Quora. Yes. Yes. They’re excellent combat rifles.

Can a civilian buy a FN 509 tactical?

Designed to surpass U.S. Army requirements, the FN 509 Tactical handgun is now available for law enforcement and civilians too.

Can a FN 5.7 penetrate body armor?

5.7 from a 16″ barrel will slice through body armor, but only FMJ will defeat stronger stuff.

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