Does Pietta make rifles?

Based in Gussago, Italy, Pietta has been a family-owned and operated company for more than 50 years. They are revered for producing the finest in western replica pistols, shotguns and single-action rifles, a variety of black powder firearms, and now modern-day firearms.

Does Pietta make good guns?

Both Pietta and Uberti make good Colt clones. When it comes to their cap and ball guns the Ubertis have been consistently more reliable out of the box. As other members have said both often need work and in the end can be made probably about equal, but in my experience Uberti makes a better C&B.

Which is better Pietta or Uberti?

The Pietta will have a larger grip frame that will be a little more comfortable for anyone used to modern guns, The Uberti will be dimensionally accurate to the original. These days the finish quality is about equal, but the Pietta is available in more finishes. The Pietta is cheaper.

Is Pietta a Uberti?

The Pietta has a post front sight that has to either be replaced or, if you are lucky, filed. The muzzle of the Uberti is crowned. The Pietta is not. Uberti puts their “black powder only” scroll on the bottom of the barrel under the loading lever, while Pietta stamps it on the side.

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Are Cimarron rifles any good?

They are good serviceable firearms, but out of the box they can use a little bit of smoothing up. By the way, the Uberti short rifle chambered for 357 Mag is the most popular rifle in CAS, the one you see most often in the winner’s circle.

What is the best colt clone?

For a replica of the original Colt SAA, the Uberti replicas are the best quality. Uberti will flex the quality of fit and finish slightly for an importer, depending on what price point they want to sell at.

Is Pietta a good brand?

Good enough. At the price, they are the best. The brass frames should be used with lighter loads, according to everything I have read, but mine has been good for nearly a decade of light shooting a few times a year. With my brass pietta I use a 45acp case filled to the brim and it hit the steel gongs well.

Is Uberti a good company?

They have been outstanding. I gave them all action jobs when they were new (15 years ago) and they have been reliable, accurate revolvers. I’ve had to replace a trigger/bolt spring a time or two but that’s so simple than a Democrat could do it. Some Uberti models come with an action job.

Colt Single Action Army Revolver

Probably the most famous of the Old West guns, the Colt six-shooter became renowned as the ‘gun that won the West’. Popular with the military, agents of the law, and with criminals, it was said by a former train robber that ‘a Colt’s forty-five makes all men equal’.

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Can a black powder gun kill you?

They are collected for their historical and artistic value. Replicas, which also use black powder, can kill someone just as easily as a 9 mm semiautomatic. “[Replicas are] made for the purpose of shooting,” said Ronald Gabel, secretary-treasurers of the 600-member Pennsylvania Antique Gun Collectors Association.

Will Uberti grips fit Pietta?

Registered. Be it Pietta, Uberti or Colt in any generation really there is very little difference in hand on the back strap and trigger guard. Any of them can be made smaller even the Colts. Big difference and it can be really significant in hand is the actual “grip” shape.

Where are Uberti guns made?

The firearms are manufactured to their specifications by Uberti and Davide Pedersoli in Brescia, Italy. Uberti makes their revolvers, lever action rifles as well as the 1885 single shot falling block rifle, and shotguns.

Is traditions made by Pietta?

Traditions™ offers 1873 Single Action Revolvers made by Pietta in two series with a variety of choices. Both series also come equipped with a transfer bar system which provides the highest level of safety offered in an 1873 single action firearm.

Does Cimarron make good firearms?

Cimarron Firearms and Uberti of Italy have well-earned the reputation for great guns at great prices. … Every one of their guns is a good looker and a good shooter, and this Pistoleer is no exception. Cimarron Firearms is far more than an importer of Uberti guns.

What is the difference between Cimarron and Uberti?

Cimarron is just a distributor. Uberti is the manufacturer and sells to many distributors. As long as the gun is made by Uberti and is the model you want, it doesn’t matter what distributor name is stamped on it.”

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Who makes Cimarron lever action rifles?

Cimarron Firearms – Western Lifestyle & Firearms.

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