Frequent question: Are MKII weapons worth it?

MKII weapons are definitely a little pricey, but they can hardly be tagged as ‘useless’ or ‘amazing’. Some weapons improve greatly over their predecessors while others remain just as cumbersome and hard to use as ever. The ultimate choice, like everything else in GTA Online, is for the player to make.

Is upgrading weapons to Mk 2 worth it?

yes it is worth it, Sniper with Thermal and Explosive rounds are a game changer. Can’t live without Thermal now during heists, missions, pretty much anything. You still need to unlock it in research .. Almost every weapon becomes minutely better, even without special ammo.

Is the assault rifle MK2 worth it?

Despite its sluggish rate of fire, the Assault Rifle Mk II’s damage per second manages to be slightly superior to the Carbine Rifle Mk II. Adding to that, its high damage per shot makes it a good choice to use specialized ammo. … Incendiary rounds, which have moderate chances of setting enemies on fire.

What weapons should I upgrade to MK2?

[Top 7] GTA Online Best MK2 Weapons

  • Heavy Sniper Mk II (Best for long-range combat)
  • Marksman Rifle Mk II (Best for fast accuracy) …
  • Special Carbine Mk II (Best for reliability in all situations) …
  • Heavy Revolver Mk II (Best for 1v1 shootouts) …
  • SMG Mk II (Best for motorcycle drive-bys) …
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Is the heavy sniper MK2 worth it?

Not much better; it does slightly more damage, but not enough for a one shot body kill. The biggest advantages are in the attachments you can research and unlock: thermal scope, suppressor, and of course explosive bullets.

What is the best mark 2 weapon?

Which are the best MK2 weapons in GTA Online?

  • #5 Heavy Revolver MK2.
  • #4 Marksman Rifle MK2.
  • #3 Combat MG MK2.
  • #2 Heavy Sniper MK2.
  • #1 Special Carbine MK2.


What is the best AR in Gtav?

Simple, but effective, the Special Carbine is the most commonly used AR in the game and understandably so. Upgrades or no upgrades, the Special Carbine, is a formidable weapon.

Can you Mk 2 The military rifle?

It has an elevated damage profile compared to the Carbine Rifle Mk II (37 vs 33). However, it is still outclassed by the Assault Rifle Mk II and Combat MG Mk II in raw damage (37, 40 and 47 respectively), and weapons such as the Advanced Rifle and Bullpup Rifle Mk II have the edge with a faster rate of fire.

Are mk2 weapons better?

The simple answer is yes. The MKII weapons are unique, powerful and devastating in nature. They have features that have never been seen before in the gaming universe and make for a thrilling purchase. However, not every MKII weapon is worth its price tag.

Should I upgrade weapons GTA?

If a player typically uses any 3 of the above weapons’ base variants in GTA Online – then they should consider getting an upgrade at the Weapons Workshop. For instance, the Heavy Sniper MKII allows players to use explosive rounds – which are extremely effective against both aircraft and armored vehicles.

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How do you get Mark 2 weapons?

How to Get MK2 Weapons in GTA V

  1. Purchase a bunker, mobile operations center (MOC), and the necessary weapon modification upgrade for the MOC.
  2. Access the MOC’s weapon workshop and select the upgrade option.
  3. Make sure you have the base version of the weapon you want to upgrade to become a MK2 weapon.


Is the mk2 a sniper?

Grand Theft Auto Online. The Heavy Sniper Mk II improves over the regular Heavy Sniper in damage (from 216 to 230), with the same rate of fire. … 39) as the regular Heavy Sniper, one shot with regular ammo in the chest is still not enough to kill a high level player at full health.

How do you get an explosive sniper?

To apply explosive rounds to a gun, players must purchase the magazine for $115,450 and use it in their Heavy Sniper Mk. 2. Explosive Rounds are also available for the Pump Shotgun and are marked as Explosive Slugs and require an investment of $145,850.

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