Frequent question: Are Syndicate weapons worth it?

Absolutely worth it. Don’t worry about what it costs you to max out your chosen syndicates because once you do you’ll discover they are a platinum making machine anyway. Keep your regalia equipped on your warframes and you’ll be regularly buying and selling the syndicate weapons to other players.

What is the best syndicate weapon Warframe?

The Synoid Gammacor (Cephalon Suda) is arguably the strongest syndicate weapon with about double the damage of the original Gammacor. The Vaykor Marelok (Steel Meridian) and Telos Akbolto (Arbiters of Hexis) are also really strong, but only slight improvements over their originals in comparison to the Synoid Gammacor.

Can you trade syndicate weapons?

Unlike other weapons, Syndicate weapons can be traded between players; however, only unranked and non-upgraded weapons without Orokin Catalyst and Forma installed can be traded, and the recipient must also meet the weapon’s Mastery Rank requirement.

How many syndicates can I join in Warframe?

There are a total of 14 Syndicates, all of which you can curry favor with by completing quests, missions, and alerts while wearing one of their emblems. Increasing your Standing with these groups typically unlocks new items to purchase, using the very reputation points that also rank them up!

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How do you get a syndicate Sigil?

Sigils are primarily acquired through the Syndicates system, with the first Sigil being gifted upon being initiated into a particular group, and further Sigil designs becoming available as one attains favor with said group.

Which relay is Cephalon Suda in?

Cephalon Suda is voiced by Charlotte Ann.


Relay Factions Arbiters of Hexis • Cephalon Suda • New Loka • Red Veil • Steel Meridian • The Perrin Sequence
Neutral Cephalon Simaris • Conclave

How do you earn marks in Warframe?

Syndicate Medallions in Warframe is a special item that can only spawn in Syndicate Alert missions. If you hand them in to the relevant Syndicate on a Relay, you can earn Standing with them. Sometimes you will also need to collect them for other reasons, such as Nightwave challenges.

Where are arbiters of hexis?

Arbiters of Hexis Enclave

Behind are Arbiters who stand next to a large drum on each side of the five. Present on the walls at the side are balconies full of Arbiters, sitting in a formal manner.

How do I join a syndicate in 2020?

Once you find a good syndicate or 2 (make sure they are not enemies) start the initiate, equip the sigil you got and you’re good to go. Go to the syndicate console to the left of the navigation console and look at all the syndicates. Pick one that you like and has the mods and weapon you might like.

How do you get syndicates to stand up fast?

most efficient way is to grind daily standing first (in normal missions by wearing Syndicate sigil) and then do syndicate specific missions. Standing gained from those goes on top of daily standing limit but if you do those before reaching the cap it might get counted towards daily limit.

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Can you leave a syndicate in Warframe?

How do I leave a syndicate in Warframe? You can’t leave a syndicate, but you can just spend all the points and then start on another syndicate. There’s no quick way to leave a syndicate.

How do you rank up negative syndicate?

If players wish to regain favor with a particular Syndicate, they must earn positive Standing by wearing their Sigils in missions. Additionally, players must provide sacrifices in order to escape from any negative ranks they have attained.

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