Frequent question: Can Crescent weapons be enchanted?

No, weapons with special effects from upgrades cannot be enchanted. Hardstone, sharpstone, clearstone, greystone, or bladestone are your only upgrade choices. Some of the unique weapons with added magic damage can still be enchanted though, like the blueblood sword and the meat cleaver.

Can you enchant moon weapons demon souls?

So, for example, there is no weapon which can be enchanted with Turpentine but can not be enchanted with Light Weapon.

Weapons that can be Enchanted.

Can be enchanted Can NOT be enchanted
Meat Cleaver Rune Sword
Dragon Bone Smasher Large Sword of Moonlight

Can moon weapons be buffed?

With a Moon weapon you are trading off maximum potential damage for PASSIVE higher damage. … Your Moon weapon passively does more damage whereas your Quality weapon, WHEN BUFFED WITH LIGHT WEAPON, does more damage.

Can you use light weapon on Crescent falchion?

You can’t enchant those. Only +10, Quality, Sharp, or Crushing upgrade paths can be enchanted.

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What weapons can be enchanted demons souls?

If you like to utilize magic in Demon’s Souls, these weapons will help you get the most out of your playstyle.

Demon’s Souls: 10 Best Weapons For Any Magic User

  • 3 Uchigatana.
  • 4 Insanity Catalyst. …
  • 5 Gargoyle Crossbow. …
  • 6 Spiral Rapier. …
  • 7 Rune Sword. …
  • 8 Epee Rapier. …
  • 9 Blind. …
  • 10 Kris Blade. …


What is a moon weapon demon souls?

Moon weapons deal magic damage and scale with the Magic stat. They will, however, have lower physical damage and worse scaling with Dexterity and Strength.

Can you buff sharp weapons demon souls?

Sharp Upgrades can be performed by Blacksmith Ed. Forge weapons with the Bladestone that provides a DEX bonus but at the same time, it lowers any STR bonus. … Note : Weapons upgraded to this path can still be buffed with Light Weapon and Cursed Weapon as well as Consumable buffs like Pine Resin.

Can Demonbrandt be buffed?

This weapon is unique due to the fact that it cannot be upgraded and it scales with Character Tendency. If the player’s character tendency is white or higher, the Demonbrandt damage will gain a significant buff, depending on how white the tendency is.

Can you enchant Demonbrandt?

This weapon can not be upgraded, but rather can be forged together with the Soulbrandt to make the Northern Regalia.

Is Enchant Weapon good Demon’s Souls?

Enchant is decent if you ‘know’ you’re going to be up against something that magic damage will help against but you can pretty easily do without it.

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Is Kilij or Uchigatana better?

User Info: metallic_snake. Katanas have longer reach and are more damaging. Kilij has faster attack speed and requires less stamina. Really, you should just use both.

Is Crescent Falchion worth upgrading?

The Crescent Falchion is an extremely powerful weapon for the early stages of Demon’s Souls. It’s worth noting that the Crescent modification causes weapons to scale with your Magic stat. So while it is good early, unless you’re leveling up your magic you probably won’t want to invest in the weapon long-term.

Is Uchigatana good demon souls?

How to get the Uchigatana in Demon’s Souls. The humble Uchigatana is a fantastic weapon that’s quick, powerful and incredibly easy to use. Again, this weapon should be intended for lightly built characters that are looking to get a few quick hits in before becoming more defensive.

What is the best weapon in demon souls?

The 5 Best Demon’s Souls Weapons

  1. Uchigatana. This is a versatile katana found in Island’s Edge (4-1) behind the Vanguard. …
  2. The Crescent Falchion. You can buy the Crescent Falchion from Graverobber Blige for 1500 souls. …
  3. Compound Long Bow. …
  4. Dragon Bone Smasher. …
  5. Northern Regalia.


What is the best wand in demon souls?

Wooden Catalyst is overall the best one. Mainly because of the fact that it has no negative effect on MP and has the most power for one that has no negative effect on MP. That being said, many times Talisman of Beasts is better for the ability to cast both.

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What’s the best magic weapon in Demon’s Souls?

The Best Weapons In Demon’s Souls For Magic Users

  • Geri’s Stiletto. YouTube/His and Hers Gaming. Mana is a precious resource in Demon’s Souls. …
  • Epee Rapier. YouTube/Terry Goodwin. …
  • Kris Blade. YouTube/Fextralife. …
  • Blind. YouTube/Zoh The Knight. …
  • Phosphorescent Pole. YouTube/Kranix.


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