Frequent question: How do I upgrade my Zenith relic weapon?

To upgrade Relic to Zenith you will need Thavnairian Mist, which can be purchased from Auriana in Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona (x22,y6) for 150 Allagan Tomestone of Soldiery each. 450 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery are needed to get 3 Mists. Use the Thavnairian Mist at the furnace at Gerolt’s in North Shroud (X 30,Y 20).

How do I upgrade my Zenith weapon?

Upgrading your FF XIV relic weapon to Zenith

  1. Before you can get your relic weapon to be upgraded, you must acquire your own relic weapon. …
  2. To upgrade your weapon to Zenith, you will need to hunt down 900 Pieces of Allagan. …
  3. Trade in your 900 Pieces of Allagan for 3 pieces of Thavnairian Mist.

How do I upgrade Gae Bolg to Zenith?

Go to Mor Dhona and buy 3 Thavnarian Mists (300 Myth each = 900 total). Then go back to Gerolt, unequip the weapon, and “talk” to the furnace behind Gerolt. It will let you exchange the weapon + Mists for the Zenith. After you have it, the guy across the square will pop a quest for gathering Atma.

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How do I upgrade relic weapon Shadowbringers?

To upgrade your relic take the quest called “In the Queen’s Image” from the Gerolt in Gangos (X:6.2 Y:5.0). This quest will be directly followed by the second one called “Change of Arms”. Players will then be asked to gather 15 Loathsome Memories of the Dying you can farm these from: Finishing Castrum Lacus Litore.

Where can I find Zenith weapons?

Zenith. Zenith Weapons are a small upgrade to item level 90 weapons, and is acquired from a simple quest. The first upgrade requires only three Thavnairian Mists to be purchased from Auriana in Revenant’s Toll, Mor Dhona (x22,y6). Each costs 20 Tomestones of Poetics, making a total of 60 tomestones spent per relic.

Are Zodiac weapons?

Zodiac Weapons are upgraded versions of Relic Weapons which are special fabled weapons that repeatedly appear in the Final Fantasy series. … The last two stages (iLvl 125+) are referred to as “legendary Zodiac Braves weapons” in-game; but again are called Zodiac Weapons by players.

How does Artemis bow work?

Summon a mighty bow and unleash a volley of devastating arrows. as her primary Exalted Weapon, allowing her to fire a spread of 3 / 4 / 6 / 7 arrows fanning in a vertical orientation. Each arrow inflicts 50 / 80 / 120 / 160 damage which is further increased by a 1.5x damage multiplier.

How do you get a Yoichi bow?

Yoichi’s Bow is Trey’s secret weapon obtained for defeating True Gilgamesh in a secret area on the third playthrough.

How do I upgrade my Stardust Rod?

The Stardust Rod is an item level 80 weapon and can be used by Black Mage that is at least level 50. It is a Relic Weapon that can be upgraded into Stardust Rod Zenith.

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Stardust Rod
Sells For: Unsellable Materia Slots: 0
Vitality +27 Intelligence +27 Determination +16 Spell Speed +33

What happened to Estinien?

Long absent from his post, Estinien has returned to Ishgard to drive back the ancient enemy of his people. Introduced in the Dragoon job quests, Estinien has a greater role in the events of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He will appear in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker as a Trust party member.

How do you get Zenith curtana?


  1. For Paladins: Curtana Zenith requires only 2 Thavnairian Mists and Holy Shield Zenith requires only 1 Thavnairian Mist.
  2. Your Relic Weapon must be in your armoury chest or inventory. You cannot upgrade your weapon whilst equipped with it.

How do you get 515 relic weapon?

The first stage in the Patch 5.45 Blades of Gunnhildr Relic Weapons chain will require 15 Loathsome Memories of the Dying, and these can be earned either randomly (with a low drop rate) from Critical Engagements in Bozja, or by completing one of the Crystal Tower Alliance Raids from A Realm Reborn (you’ll earn one …

How do you get a Bozjan relic weapon?

You can obtain these two different ways currently:

  1. Guaranteed drops from fates in either The Dravanian Hinterlands or Azys Lla.
  2. In The Bozjan Southern Front’s third area (The Alermuc Climb) from skirmishes or mobs randomly.

Are relic weapons worth it Ffxiv?

Relics have rarely been considered best in slot (AKA the most optimal equipment for your job across the entire game). But they are still incredibly powerful. You can only really get anything better by clearing end-game raid activities, which isn’t something everyone enjoys doing.

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