Frequent question: Is a 12 gauge slug bigger than a 50 cal?

20, 12, and 10-gauge slugs are all greater than . 50 caliber. So are some dangerous game hunting rifles. However, they have sporting purpose exemptions and are therefore legal.

What is the equivalent caliber of a 12 gauge slug?

The equivalent of a 12 gauge is a . 729 or 20mm being the size of the bore, so finding a rifle of this gauge would be a BEAST!

Does a 50 cal fit in a 12 gauge shotgun?

Did you know a . 50 BMG round fits almost perfectly inside a 12 gauge shotgun?

Will a 50 BMG fired from a shotgun?

So what he found is that you can fire a . 50 BMG from a pump-action shotgun and do some serious damage but it doesn’t really begin to tap into the power of the cartridge or the shotgun when they’re used as they were designed to be.

What caliber is a 1 oz slug?

A 1 oz. (437.5 grain) 2 3/4″ Foster 12 gauge shotgun slug achieves a velocity of approximately 1,560 fps with a muzzle energy of 2,363 ft. lbs. The 3″ slugs travel at around 1,760 fps with a muzzle energy 3,105 ft-lbs.

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How far will a 12 gauge slug travel?

What it shows is that the 12 gauge slug will travel pretty flat for up to 200 yards with perhaps 10 to 12 inches of drop at 200 yards. At 300 yards the chart shows a drop of about 4 feet. This was from a firearms study and suggests the absolute maximum a slug can travel is around 3700 feet (1230 yards).

Which is better buckshot or slug?

The big advantage of using a slug is that it has a much longer effective range than buckshot. … Additionally, shotgun slugs retain their energy better and typically penetrate much deeper than buckshot. A shotgun shooting a slug is also much more precise than a shotgun shooting buckshot.

Is there a 1 gauge shotgun?

“Is there a 1 gauge shotgun/shell?” Yes. Punt guns were made in 1 gauge (also known as “1-bore”), with a diameter of 1.669″ (42.42 mm), and barrel lengths of up to eight feet. It should be noted that the 1-bore was on the smaller end of punt guns; some had a bore of up to four inches!

What caliber is a 12 gauge shotgun shell?

By far the most common gauges are 12 (0.729 in, 18.5mm diameter) and 20 (15.6 mm, 0.614 in), although . 410 (= 36), 32, 28, 24, 16, and 10 (19.7 mm) gauge and 9mm (. 355 in.)

Do they make a 4 gauge shotgun?

Shotguns and shells exceeding 10 gauge, such as the 8 and 4 gauge, are rather rarely manufactured and only a few makers of the otherwise large market of shotgun, rifle and ammo makers across the United States still produce them.

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Is there a 2 gauge shotgun?

The 2 gauge shotgun, also known as a punt gun, is the largest hunting shotgun in the world. These firearms were common in the late 19th Century, but they’ve fallen into obscurity over the last 100 years.

What does BMG stand for?


Acronym Definition
BMG Browning Machine Gun
BMG Be My Guest
BMG Baader-Meinhof Gang (Germany)
BMG Meteorology and Geophysics Agency

Is 50 Cal a sniper rifle?

The M107 semi-automatic long range sniper rifle is capable of delivering precise, rapid fire on targets out to 2,000 meters. The M107 has greater range and lethality against personnel and materiel targets than other sniper systems in the U.S. inventory.

Can a shotgun slug kill an elephant?

For example, you could certainly kill an elephant with a 12 gauge slug, or a . 223, if you put one in an eye, or an ear, or another vulnerable spot, from a few feet or yards away. And even if it takes hours, or even days, to die, the animal is still dead.

Are wax slugs illegal?

Making your own “wax slugs” is not illegal in California.

Can you shoot slugs out of any shotgun?

No, not all shotguns are meant to shoot slugs. Non-rifled (smoothbore) shotguns are meant to shoot foster style slugs. Also, be careful with shooting any type of slugs out of older shotguns, or shotguns with a choke, a choke adds restriction which may deform your barrel over time.

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