Frequent question: Is a Mossberg 270 A good rifle?

With an MSRP of $421, the Mossberg Patriot is a highly affordable, field-ready rifle. Equipped with Mossberg’s (2- to 7-pound) Lightning Bolt-Action (LBA) Trigger, the Patriot is highly accurate. … 270 Win., this rifle proved plenty capable for mule deer.

How good is a 270 rifle?

270 Winchester makes it great for animals that are more likely to require longer range shots like mule deer or pronghorn. By the same token, the fact that the . 270 also has a relatively mild recoil also makes it a great cartridge for mountain hunts where a lightweight rifle is really desirable.

Are Mossberg Patriot rifles any good?

Overall assessment: Functionally sound, reasonably accurate, classic good looks and a price that will leave something in the bank account to cover the taxidermy bill.

Which is better Mossberg or Ruger?

Despite coming in 11 calibers, more than most budget rifles, sadly, the Mossberg Patriot has to concede defeat to the Ruger American when it comes to performance and accuracy – especially accuracy. Sure the Mossberg Patriot looks good on the outside, but when it comes to the internals, the Ruger American looks better.

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What’s better Savage or Mossberg?

1. Mossberg is the preferred option because of its accuracy, reliability, durability, free-floated barrel, excellent trigger, and low price. 2. Savage is a good option, but it is more expensive than the Mossberg, and it does not come with the high-quality accu-trigger.

How far will a 270 kill a deer?

The . 270 – and any similar centerfire rifle – can “drop” a deer at VERY long distances, certainly in excess of 1000 yards if the bullet is properly placed.

Is a 270 more powerful than a 308?

270 Winchester have a higher ballistic coefficient than the larger diameter bullets of the same weight from the . 308 Winchester. However, the . 308 Winchester can use heavier bullets than .

Is a longer barrel more accurate?

5 Answers. The short answer: Yes, a longer gun barrel improves accuracy. Theoretical accuracy of handguns and rifles is driven by rifling, barrel length, and bullet mass.

Why is a fluted barrel better?

The main purpose of fluting is to reduce weight, and to a lesser extent increase rigidity for a given total weight or increase surface area to make the barrels less susceptible for overheating for a given total weight.

Does fluting weaken a barrel?

Fact of the matter is, fluting does not stiffen a barrel as logic would seem to dictate, not according to the several structural engineers and metallurgists who wrote me after I had said so in print. The gist of what they all said was that whenever you remove material from an object, you weaken it.

Which is better Remington or savage?

Savages are better manufactured guns than Remington right now. They will never be as nice, but they do work and shoot very well. Accutrigger is pretty good, definitely better than the X-Mark but its also still the trigger on the trigger style.

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What is a Mossberg patriot?

Description. The Mossberg® Patriot™ Synthetic Bolt-Action Rifle has all the features you need for successful big game hunting, in a reliable, affordably priced firearm. … A button rifled, fluted barrel, and with a recessed crown ensures accuracy and balance.

What calibers does the TC compass come in?

T/C Compass II Models

Caliber Finish/Stock Length of Pull
30-06 SPRG Blued/Black Composite 13.25″
6.5 Creedmoor Blued/Black Composite 13.25″
6.5 Creedmoor Blued/Black Composite 13.25″
7MM REM Mag Blued/Black Composite 13.25″

Why are savage rifles so cheap?

Basically all of the rifles now cost the same but they are all designed with manual machining in mind. All of the stuff that Savage markets as being accuracy features are just ways they made the rifles cheap to produce. So you end up with a cheap feeling rifle that doesn’t always function well…

Does Mossberg own savage?

In 1922, the company introduced the first of a new line of . 22 rimfire Mossberg rifles, a pump-action repeater designed by Arthur E. Savage, the son of the owner of Savage Arms Corp. After building a third factory in New Haven in 1937, Mossberg continued to produce simple, economical firearms for the civilian market.

Is Howa made by Savage?

The Howa is a Weatherby Vanguard rebadged. The Savage is a rifle designed to be a cheap choice over a M70 or M700.

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