Frequent question: What choke does a Stevens shotgun use?

Gun Model Choke Interchange
Stevens 350 Browning Invector standard threads
Stevens 67-E Browning Invector standard threads
Stevens 320 Browning Invector standard threads
Stoeger 20000 Beretta/Benelli standard threads

What chokes does a Stevens 555 use?

Stevens 555 Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

Lead, Copperplated, Nickel Hevi-Shot™, Bismuth, Tungsten or Steel Shot may be used in these choke tubes. For best results, pattern your choke tube with the specific shotshell load you will be using in the field. Different ammunition patterns differently from the same choke tube.

What choke comes in a Stevens 320 20 gauge?

Most are using . 555 chokes for a 20 gauge but you could go with something more open. Most chokes for lead will work with TSS shot. ojibwa62 and Dark Cloud like this.

Does a Stevens 320 have a choke?

With a Mossy Oak Shadow Grass® Blades® camo print, the Savage Arms Stevens 320 Field Pump-Action 12 Gauge Shotgun makes concealment a priority. Its vent-rib, carbon-steel barrel measures 28 inches long. Plus, it comes with fiber-optic sights. A modified choke tube is included.

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What is the order of shotgun chokes?

Which Shotgun Chokes Should You Use?

  • For targets at 40+ yards or further, use Full Choke.
  • For targets up to 40 yards, use 3/4 choke (improved modified US)
  • For targets up to 35 yards, use 1/2 choke (modified US)
  • For targets up to 30 yards, use 1/4 choke (improved cylinder US)


Is Stevens 555 a good gun?

The 555 is 10% lighter and should be just fine. In all, I was very impressed with the performance of the Stevens 555 Enhanced. The balance was surprisingly good and made the gun easy to shoot well. The light weight was noticeable when carrying but not when shooting.

Where is Stevens 555 made?

The Stevens 555s are made by KOFS, Ltd., in Isparta, Turkey, and imported by Savage Arms.

What do the marks on a shotgun choke mean?

What do the notches on the choke tubes mean? The notches indicate the choke tube constriction. A lower notch count means more constriction (tighter). A higher notch count means less constriction.

What is the difference between Browning Invector and Invector plus?

Invector Plus features a longer design for improved pattern performance. Considered a significant breakthrough in choke tube design. Standard Invector Choke Tubes. The original Browning removable choke tube system.

Where is the Stevens 320 shotgun made?

Unlike the American-made Savage line of rifles, Stevens shotguns are imported. The 320 is made in a newly constructed facility in a remote region of China.

How many shells does a Stevens 320 hold?

Featuring a synthetic black stock for long-lasting durability, the Stevens 320 has a 18 ½” carbon steel barrel and can hold up to 5 rounds at a time.

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Can a Stevens 320 shoot slugs?

I shot all of the slugs out of the 320, and when shooting the slugs it became a self ejecting shotgun!!! There was probably only 2 or 3 slugs that I needed to eject on my own out of the 25. As far as accuracy goes.

Can you shoot slugs through a modified choke?

Yes, you can shoot rifled slugs through your modified choke. You could even shoot rifled slugs through a full choke. But you will probably have best results with a modified or improved cylinder.

Should I shoot top or bottom barrel first?

In theory you should fire the bottom first since it is in line with the firing mechanism and the recoil pad thus creating less upward force when fired (less than the top barrel I mean). The top barrel should create greater upward torque due to the bigger distance from the main horizontal axis of the gun.

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