Frequent question: What is the best Winchester Model 94?

What is a Winchester Model 94 worth?

A WINCHESTER 94 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,573.26 new and $919.36 used .

Is a Winchester Model 94 A good rifle?

The rifle sold the cartridge, not the other way around, as with some other popular introductions. The Winchester Model 94 carbine is a slick handling, good feeling rifle that everybody loves. It was priced just right for the working man and it was durable and reliable.

What is the difference between a pre 64 Winchester 94?

Pre-64 Model 94s have a screw in the bottom front center of the lever plate. Pre-War Model 94s have the screw and the fore end is longer. Anybody can say what they want, but a Model 94 not forged and milled as JM Browning designed it will NOT stay in my house.

How accurate is a Model 94?

Tuning the Model 94 for Accuracy. One of the common threads running through Model 94 commentary over many long years is that the arm is not very accurate (compared to bolt action guns). Shooters will usually report that groups measuring 2 -3” are obtained at 100 yards, and lucky ones sometimes say 1.5”.

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How many bullets does a Winchester 94?

The Winchester Model 94 . 30–30 caliber carbine version with a 20″ barrel holds 5 rounds in the tube magazine and 1 round in the chamber. The full size rifle version holds 7 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.

What is a 1974 Winchester Model 94 worth?

A model 94 standard rifle in 95% condition is worth about $180. Around here the post 64 models go for $325-$375 pretty regularly. A pre-64 in good condition would go $475 an up.

Do they still make Winchester Model 94?

The venerable Winchester Model 94 lever-action rifle was discontinued, along with the Model 70 boltaction rifle and the Model 1300 pump-action shotgun. … While Model 70 has its share of enthusiasts, the demise of the Model 94 is the end of a national institution.

How long is a Winchester Model 94?

Winchester Model 1894
Mass 6.8 lb (3.1 kg)
Length 37.8 in (960 mm)
Barrel length 20 in (510 mm)

Who makes the Winchester Model 94?

In 1899, the Model 94 became available in the . 32 Winchester Special, a sweet little cartridge. The Model 94 was produced continuously by Winchester from 1894 through 1980 when the production of the gun was taken up by the U.S. Repeating Arms Company, which made the Model 94 until 2006.

What’s a used Winchester Model 94 30 30 worth?

A mint condition Model 94 in the 1964 – 1977 vintage is a $300 gun at best, unless it still has its original box (in good condition) and paperwork, then it might bring $425.

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What is a pre-64?

The “pre-64″refers to the winchester model 70 centerfire rifle. Prior to 1964 they used a controlled round feed mechanism. After ’64 winchester went to a push-feed mechanism. Some years back the “pre-64″type mechanism was re-introduced as,I believe,the model 70 classic.

Where can I purchase a Winchester 94?

And at, the world’s largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting and accessories, you can find the Winchester Model 94 that suits you.

When was the Winchester Model 94AE made?

What is a good price for this rifle rated as very good condition? Thank you. Your Model 94AE was manufactured sometime after the year 2002, and before March of 2006 (when the U.S. Repeating Arms Company shutdown the New Haven factory for good).

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