How do I get a shotgun with Jill?

The Broken Shotgun is found in the Small Storeroom in the West Wing 1F, accessed via the West Wing 2F. The door to this room is locked, but if you’re playing as Jill, the master of unlocking, she’ll be able to gain access.

How do you get the shotgun in Resident Evil 1?

The Shotgun is obtained on the first floor on the east side of the mansion, acting as a trigger for the falling ceiling in the adjacent room. In Chris’s segment, he must exchange the shotgun with a broken one to prevent the trap from being triggered.

How do you get the shotgun Chris in Resident Evil?

Playing as Chris, head to the west side of the mansion. Next to the medical storage room is a small storeroom where you can pick up a broken shotgun. Collect it, then from there head to the opposite side of the mansion to the drawing room.

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How do you get the shotgun in Resident Evil HD remastered?

The shotgun can be obtained in a room inside the mansion by taking it off of a set of hooks in a lounge. This Shotgun has a wood pump and stock as well as ornate designs on the side. It holds six 12-Gauge shells and is much more powerful than the handgun.

Does Jill need the broken shotgun?

In Jill’s scenario, she can take the working Shotgun from the Lounge without replacing it with the Broken Shotgun. She will still get caught in the trap, but Barry will come to the rescue, showing this incarnation of the famous “Jill Sandwich” scene. This can save time, as there is no other use for the Broken Shotgun.

What is a Jill sandwich?

“Jill Sandwich” is a phrase derived from a humorous English translation choice in the original Resident Evil. It is spoken by S.T.A.R.S. member Barry Burton after partner Jill Valentine escapes being crushed in a descending ceiling trap inside the Spencer Mansion.

What replaces the shotgun in Resident Evil 7?

As for the Model Shotgun, this is found in the Kid’s Room and Attic area as you’re searching for the key cards. Once you have the Model Shotgun, you can use that to swap it with the Broken Shotgun you used earlier, then combine a Repair Kit with it to get the M21 Shotgun.

Can Chris get the assault shotgun?

The Assault Shotgun is a weapon item in the 2002 remake version of Resident Evil. … The weapon becomes available once Richard sacrifices his life to save Jill Valentine from the Yawn or Chris Redfield from a Neptune.

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Do you have to kill yawn Resident Evil?

Yawn is a giant snake inhabiting the attic of the Spencer Mansion. Bullets are precious in Resident Evil, and you can beat this beast without firing a shot. Defeating Yawn is a matter of timing and evasion, as there is no need to actually kill him if you play your cards right.

Can you save Richard in Resident Evil?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to save him from dying completely, but you can prolong his life for a short while. Plus, if you managed to get the serum to him on time you will receive his trademark assault shotgun once he does die.

What is the broken shotgun for in Resident Evil?

Purpose. The broken shotgun can be switched with a hanging shotgun in the Spencer Mansion’s 1F east lounge to allow the player to obtain the weapon without activating the falling ceiling trap. When playing as Chris, using the broken shotgun is the only way to get past the trap.

Where is the chemical in Resident Evil?

It can be found inside the East storeroom of the Spencer Mansion.

Where can I buy a broken shotgun?

Location: The Broken Shotgun is located on the second floor of the Main House. It is located inside Grandma’s Room, which is locked by a Scorpion Door, and requires the Scorpion Key from the Processing Area to unlock.

Where is the tiger statue in Resident Evil?

The tiger statue room (虎の石像の部屋, Tora no sekizō no heya?) is an area of the Spencer Mansion, located on the west wing’s ground floor. This area is featured in Resident Evil (1996) and the 2002 remake.

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How do you kill the dogs in Resident Evil?

Shoot them a few times, then move to avoid their attack, shoot them a few more times. If you’re just standing in one spot expecting to mow them down with a handgun, can you really blame the game if you get mauled by the dogs?

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