How do I get into abandoned lab weapons?

Weapons From the Void // Acquire the Science Weapon in the Abandoned Lab. On Monarch, head to Duncan in the Fallbrook Dry Goods and Supplies. The SubLight datapad he sells you will point you to an abandoned lab in Cascadia.

How do you get into Rizzo’s secret lab?

Use the computer terminal you find inside and select ‘[Supervisor Override]’, followed by ‘[Enter Password: ANTEDILUVIAN]’. This will reveal the elevator that will take you down into the Rizzo Secret Laboratory. Now that you have access to the secret lab, it’s time to find the Mind Control Ray.

How do I get to the weapons lab?

You need to go through the teleporter and interact with the three reactors located around the map to turn on the power. This will also activate the Pack-a-Punch for you. Once the power is turned on, you will notice that a number of new doors have opened up in the game.

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How do you get the science weapon in Rizzo’s?

To find the Science Weapon, you need to head over to Scylla and to the Abandoned Mining Camp. Once there, you should be able to find it in one of the buildings – it’s inside a green box.

How do you unlock the science weapon in Monarch?

You’ll find this weapon during the Errors Unseen side mission on Monarch. In the UDL Lab to the southwest of Stellar Bay, clear out the marauders. Use the terminal on the left side of the main room to unlock the gun — you can either hack it, or answer the three security questions.

How do you get through a sealed door in Cascadia?

Head to Cascadia and interact with the terminal near the sealed door containing what you seek (it’s inside a building). You need to override the system with the password and the door will reveal a lift that takes you to Rizzo Secret Laboratory.

How do you open the abandoned lab in outer worlds?

Mind Control Ray: Monarch – For the final science weapon, go to the Abandoned Lab on Monarch, in Cascadia. You’ll enter this lab in the side-quest ‘Space-Crime Continuum’. Down in the lab, go find an ‘Exit’ sign, and just past that there’s a ladder.

Is the Rai K 84 an assault rifle?

The RAI K-84 is an incredibly strong gun that can be shot like an assault rifle or a grenade launcher. In its assault rifle form, the RAI K shoots Ray Gun-like ammo.

How do you die on zombies?

Once you reach the building, head inside and look for the Living Room on the first floor. Having reached the Living Room, look for the small cracked wall that can be found just opposite the nearby staircase. By interacting with the glowing blue hole, you will activate the D.I.E.

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What is weapon lab in boom beach?

The Weapon Lab is used to build Prototype Defenses. It is unlocked upon reaching Headquarters level 15. Upgrading the Weapon Lab allows you to place more powerful and more than one Prototype Defense. The Weapon Lab cannot be upgraded while a Prototype Defense is being made.

Should I use science weapons outer worlds?

There are five science weapons in The Outer Worlds and they all need energy ammo to function, their special abilities compromise the damage dealt, but who cares when you’re shrinking robots. Science weapons also make up one of the best The Outer Worlds builds.

What are the best weapons in the outer worlds?

  • Assault Rifle. (Image credit: Microsoft) Perhaps my favourite weapon in the entire game is the bog standard Assault Rifle. …
  • Plasma Cutter. (Image credit: Microsoft) …
  • Tactical Shotgun. (Image credit: Microsoft) …
  • Flamethrower. (Image credit: Microsoft) …
  • Light Machine Gun. (Image credit: Microsoft)


How do you get a Gloop gun in outer worlds?

You can unlock the weapon they have been developing with Hack (55) or answer: Protect the Chairman, answer: Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor, answer: Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program. This will get you the Gloop Gun.

Are flaws good outer worlds?

The Cynophobia flaw in The Outer Worlds is triggered by being mauled too many times by Canids. … Taking on the Cynophobia flaw in The Outer Worlds is one of the better flaws to accept. The negative effects aren’t too bad, and Canids are among the weaker creatures roaming around in the game.

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Is the gloop gun good?

Gloop Gun Special Ability:

The Gloop Gun is great for attacking groups of enemies, because it’s gloop can affect multiple foes. This means you can temporarily disarm multiple enemies by causing them to go on a short flight through the air, allowing you to quickly kill those left standing.

How do you get Gladys weapons?

To get this weapon, you’ll need to purchase the quest item identified as a Datapad from Gladys on the Groundbreaker, at which point your journal will guide you to the a mining outpost on Scylla, an large asteroid which can be travelled to as soon as you’ve left Terra 2, with no need for a Navkey.

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