How do I get the ultimate weapon in ff7?

You can find and defeat Ultimate Weapon anytime after you defeat Diamond Weapon during its attack on the city of Midgar but it is best to leave this battle until later on in the game as it becomes much easier.

How do you get ultimate weapon to appear?

Ultimate Weapon first appears in a FMV where it and the other Weapons escape the crater. Later, it is fought as a boss battle, [note 1] first in a mandatory Mideel battle, and later can be encountered in optional battles.

How do you get red 13 ultimate weapon?

The Limited Moon is obtained in Cosmo Canyon after the Raid on Midgar. Following those events, the player can return to Cosmo Canyon and talk to Bugenhagen, who will give Red XIII the weapon after a cutscene.

What is the strongest weapon in ff7?

Here are the 10 most powerful weapons in Final Fantasy 7, ranked.

  1. 1 Death Penalty. Death Penalty is Vincent’s Ultimate Weapon, and, boy, is it tough to obtain.
  2. 2 Ultima Weapon. …
  3. 3 Premium Heart. …
  4. 4 Missing Score. …
  5. 5 Venus Gospel. …
  6. 6 Conformer. …
  7. 7 Limited Moon. …
  8. 8 Apocalypse. …
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How do you get the Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 7 remake?

The ‘Ultimate Weapon’ trophy will unlock after defeating Pride & Joy, the final opponent in the Top Secret 7-Star Shinra Combat Simulator challenge. To unlock the final 5-round battle, you’ll have to complete all Colosseum battles, all Shinra Combat Simulator battles, and all Battle Intel challenges.

Where do I fight the ultimate weapon?

After you face Diamond Weapon on the coast north of Midgar, you’ll find Ultimate Weapon in a sulking hover over the lake in the Junon Area. Even though it seems to have no interest in attacking you (or anyone for that matter), go ahead and ram it with the Highwind to initiate combat.

How do you get Omnislash?

Obtained. As a level 4 Limit, Omnislash is learned from a manual after Cloud has learned all his other Limit Breaks. It is won at the Battle Square in Gold Saucer. If the player wishes to obtain it early on, it can be obtained when the Tiny Bronco becomes available for 51,200 BP.

What is CIDS ultimate weapon?

The Conformer is Yuffie’s ultimate weapon, found in the Gelnika. It provides 96 Attack, 112 Atk%, 42 Magic, and 4 double Materia slots with Nothing growth. It has a unique mechanic where it deals more damage the higher the enemy’s level is.

What is Red XIII ultimate weapon?

After taking Bugenhagen to the Ancient City, return to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII in your party. He finds Bugenhagen in pretty bad shape, but Red XIII walks away with his ultimate weapon, the Limited Moon.

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What level should I fight ultimate weapon ff7?

Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate Weapon Level MP
61 400
Absorbs Strong Against
Steal Win Item
Cursed Ring, Circlet, Reflect Ring Ultima Weapon

What is Cloud’s best sword FF7 remake?

Our Cloud best weapon recommendation in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Cloud starts out with the Buster Sword, which when upgraded will serve you well throughout the entire game. Arguably, his best weapon beyond that is Hardedge, which deals the most attack damage, sacrificing some magic power in the process.

What is aerith best weapon FF7 remake?

Best Aerith Weapons in FF7 Remake

  • For pure magic casting, the Mythril Rod will have the best Magic Attack stat in the game when fully upgraded. …
  • The Mythril Rod also teaches you Ray of Judgment, which is by far and away Aerith’s best and most useful weapon ability.


What is Ultima Weapon?

Artema Weapon), also known as Atma Weapon or Ultimate Weapon, is a recurring superboss in the Final Fantasy series. … It is a six-limbed bio-mechanical monster that first appeared in Final Fantasy VI as an ancient war machine created during the War of the Magi.

Is FF7 remake good luck?

A higher Luck stat increases a character’s chance at successfully using the Steal Command. More importantly, it increases a character’s chances of doling out a critical hit for twice the normal damage. … Therefore, fully upgrading the Luck Up Materia to boost luck by 50 percent is well worth the investment.

Is there any secret bosses in FF7 remake?

Like other games, this one has a secret boss that is both difficult to defeat and challenging to even find. Unlike other games, however, the remake of Final Fantasy 7 has two secret bosses.

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How can I increase stagger to 200%?

How to Increase Stagger Bonus to 200% in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  1. First, stagger your enemy by punishing with Cloud and Barrett. …
  2. Once the enemy is staggered, switch to Tifa and use her Unbridled Strength Ability.
  3. This will power up her triangle special attacks, which you can just use repeatedly to hit 200%


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