How do I use weapons I bought in Far Cry 5?

To switch between weapons that you currently carry and the Throwables you use, open the Weapons Wheel (L1 on PS4 / Xbox One, Q on keyboard). This will show you the weapons you have on you. Select a different weapon from the Wheel to switch weapons.

How do I get my weapons back in Far Cry 5?

Like they said above, go to any shop – the green pistol icon on the map. Go into the weapons menu of the store and your guns will be there and will be free.
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How do you access the weapon wheel in Far Cry 5 PC?

To open the Utility Wheel, open the Weapon Wheel and switch to the Utility Wheel with the button indicated in the middle. Some items in this menu need to be crafted by the players before they’ll become available. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

How do I access my rewards in Far Cry 5?

Any content you unlock in Far Cry 5 will be accessible for you in the respective game menu or in-game store. If you unlock a content pack, the items will be organised into those menus and stores as well.

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Will there be far cry 6?

The Far Cry 6 release date is October 7, 2021.

Far Cry 6 was previously set to launch in February 2021 before initially being put back to a Q1 2021 window.

Why is there no mini map in Far Cry 5?

Unfortunately, there is no mini map in Far Cry 5. Despite having a number of interface options that can be turned on and off from the system menu, mini map is not one of these options.

What are the best perks in Far Cry 5?

Survivalist Perks in Far Cry 5

  • Human Fish – 1 Point – You can swim faster and hold your breath underwater for longer. …
  • Fisher King – 4 Points – Fish will tire more quickly. …
  • Repair Torch – 5 Points – The Reair Torch is added to your utility wheel. …
  • King of the Jungle – 6 Points – Reduced animal attack damage.


How do you get second weapon slots in Far Cry 5?

You can unlock an additional weapon slot through a perk. By paying 8 points you can increase your weapon capacity to 3, so you can add sniper rifle or assault rifle. There is also a perk that will unlock the fourth space, where you can keep rocket launcher or a grenade launcher or a machine gun.

What is resistance level in Far Cry 5?

Resistance Points are the lifeblood of Far Cry 5. You earn them by doing pretty much anything in the game, and you’ll need to reach a certain threshold in each region of Hope County to take down the Seed family, one by one.

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How do I change weapons in Far Cry 4 PC?

Hold L1 to bring up the weapon wheel. Use the trade posts at safehouses to choose which weapons you want in your weapon wheel or to buy weapons.

What are life events Far Cry 5?

Live Events are weekly gameplay events in Far Cry 5 that will challenge you to show off your mastery of the game by hitting certain milestones. Each event will have a different goal – achieve your personal best and help the community to reach the Community Goal to receive rewards!

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