How do you bite into a beer can to shotgun?

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a beverage, especially beer, very quickly by punching a hole in the side of the can, near the bottom, placing the mouth over the hole, and pulling the tab to open the top. The beverage quickly drains, and is quickly consumed.

How do you bite a beer can open to shotgun?

The term “shotgunning” refers to the way the beer, driven by physics and magic, will blast double-quick into your mouth. And make no mistake: it will, ’cause in one swift motion, you’ll put the puncture up to your lips, tip your can vertical, and pop its top.

How do you puncture a beer can with your thumb?

There’s a small air bubble in every can of beer, much like in a bubble level that you use to make sure your picture is hanging straight. Tilt the beer can back until you feel the bubble under your thumb. You should hit it when the top of the can is faced slightly down.

How do you shotgun a beer fast?

What does it mean to “shotgun a beer”? Shotgunning is the act of consuming a beer, or another beverage, very fast by creating a hole in the side of a can and placing your mouth over the hole. When the beer can tab is opened, the beer quickly drains through the hole and can be drunk very fast.

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How do you shotgun a beer without spraying it?

Tilt the beer horizontally so that you can poke a whole where your mouth goes. Make sure the bottom part of the can is a little higher so that there’s an air bubble. When you poke the air pocket, it prevents the beer from spraying everywhere.

What is the best beer to shotgun?

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a classic choice when it comes to a beer that is easy to drink. Other good drinks featured on this top beer to chug list include Coors Light, Red Stripe, and Lone Star.

Is Bud Light Easy to shotgun?

The Bud Light’s Vented Can has you covered if you love to shotgun beer but hate stabbing a hole with your keys. The modified tab top can open an air vent without needing any other tools.

How do I get better at shotgunning beer?

Here are some extra tips on shotgunning a beer faster and more efficiently:

  1. Aluminum Can – Make sure that the beer can is made from aluminum. …
  2. Choose a light beer – Heavy or flavored beer will be more difficult to drink quickly.
  3. Push Hard – When using your thumb, push real hard, and the can will open.


What is the secret to chugging beer?

Relax your throat and let gravity do its thing

The beer will now flow freely out of the can and into your mouth, so just as with a glass, relax your throat and let gravity help the beer go down. As with the first method, try not to breathe or gulp because this will slow the flow of beer into your stomach.

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Why is it called shotgun a beer?

To make a puncture hole on the side of a beer can (usually with a key), and chug the entire contents of the beer can from that hole. The key that is used to make the hole is called the “shotgun key”, because it “shoots” a hole, much like a shotgun. … I’m bored, let’s go outside and shotgun a beer.

Why do people shotgun beer?

When the bottle is tilted, the beverage quickly drains and is quickly consumed. The technique increases beverage delivery since the extra hole allows the liquid to leave while air enters simultaneously through the main hole.

Can you shotgun a soda?

Yes. This will work with anything in an aluminum can, including soda. Just watch out for foam, since most sodas are fizzier than most beers.

Can you cut yourself shotgunning a beer?

Want to be a hit at your next shindig? Shotgun a beer using only your bare hands. … It sounds hard, but it’s actually very easy to shotgun a beer using just your thumb. Sure, it can be hard at first, and you do run the risk of cutting yourself or breaking a nail, but that’s why it’s such an impressive party trick.

Is it dangerous to shotgun a Redbull?

Is it safe to chug an energy drink? Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine, and too much of it isn’t good for you. Dr. High amounts of caffeine can lead to increased blood pressure, panic attacks, heart palpitations, anxiety, dehydration, insomnia, and even bowel irritability when energy drinks are mixed with alcohol.

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