How do you equip special weapons in Division 2?

How to Use Specializations in The Division 2: Hold Triangle (PS4) / Y (Xbox One) to equip the Specialization weapon. Some of the specialization skills are passive. Only their respective weapon needs to be equipped.

How do I change my special weapon in Division 2?

To equip a Signature Weapon, hold [Y / Triangle / Weapon Swap]. Signature Weapons use a special ammo — it rarely drops, unless you unlock the Signature Weapon Ammo perk. Unlock the ‘Signature Weapon Ammo’ perk ASAP — it increases the amount of signature weapon ammo that drops, and only costs 5 SHD tech points.

How do you equip weapons in Division 2?

To save or equip a loadout, open your Inventory and select Loadouts. From this screen, you will be able to: Save your currently equipped combination of gear and skills to the selected loadout. Equip one of your previously saved loadouts.

How do you access specializations in Division 2?

To unlock The Division 2 Specialization you have to reach level 30 and complete Capitol Building Stronghold. You can unlock Survivalist, Demolitionist or Sharpshooter The Division 2 Specialization.

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Which specialization is best Division 2?

The Division 2: Best Specializations Revealed

  1. Gunner. The Division 2 | New Gunner Specialization Gameplay, Signature Weapon & Full Skill Tree Breakdown. Gunner Signature Weapon: …
  2. Demolitionist. The Division 2: DEMOLITIONIST GUIDE – Why Pick this Specialization? …
  3. Sharpshooter.
  4. Survivalist.
  5. Technician.


What is max level in Division 2?

Many things have changed in The Division 2: Warlords of New York, key among them being progression. The max level cap is now 40 with the new cap for Gear Score being 515.

How do you switch to Division 2 pistol?

When you’ve got your primary weapon out, to switch weapons in Division 2 you simply need to double tap Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One to pull out your pistol. For PC players, simply press 3 on your keyboard and your Agent will change weapons to their sidearm in The Division 2.

How do you equip skills in Division 2?

Equipping mods to skills

  1. Head into the inventory and select one of the two skills equipped. …
  2. Select a skill and click the option at the bottom right that says “Mod” (you can also press the F key to access this menu).
  3. Double click one of the squares (or the circle for cosmetic mods) and select the mod you’d like to equip.


What does the Division 2 Year 1 pass include?

Best answer: The Division 2’s Year One Pass grants players 7-day early access to the game’s first year of DLC drops along with exclusive missions, bounties, and immediate access to three Specializations. It does not include the Warlords of New York expansion.

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How do you unlock specializations?

In order to unlock Specializations in The Division 2, you’ll need to reach the beginning of the endgame. You’ll need to: Reach level 30. Complete the District Union Arena, Roosevelt Island, and Capitol Building Strongholds.

Can you buy specializations in Division 2?

Specializations offer a unique spin on The Division 2 gameplay and are available once you reach level 30 and World Tier 1. You can choose between multiple specializations, each with its own Signature Weapon and a Signature Weapon slot, added to your existing loadout.

Can you unlock all skills in the Division 2?

You earn Skill Unlock points through natural play as you complete main story missions. You will have to progress deep into the story to unlock enough Skill Unlock point to unlock all eight skills. To purchase an additional skill variant, you will need to spend five SHD Tech.

What is the best assault rifle in the Division 2?

1, Burn Out (FAMAS)

A named FAMAS 2010, this weapon is difficult when used at long range, but is an incredible hitter when applied to crit builds and when god-rolled. It remains one of the most favored ARs in The Division 2. The best AR for a variety of builds, this powerhouse weapon will surely shred mobs down.

What are Division 2 skill tiers?

Skill Tier is core attribute on gear, and provides a flat boost to skills. In The Division 2: Warlords of New York agents will no longer have to fret over how much skill power they have on their equipment if they wish to lean into a skill focused build.

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