How do you get adept weapons in Horizon zero dawn?

You just need to do ng+ on any difficulty. When you get to a trader who normally sells you the shadow variants of the weapons, they will sell the adept version instead. Also remember that the adept stalwart armor is only available after you finish the necessary quest in ng+.

How do I get adept weapons horizon?

Adept Weapons are a feature of New Game+, and have more potential than their regular versions in the normal game mode. Adept items replace their regular version in New Game+, and thus must be acquired in the same fashion: either purchased from merchants or acquired as rewards.

Where is adept weapons in zero dawn horizon?

All Adept Weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

Weapon Name Type Source
Adept Powershot Bow (The Frozen Wilds only) Sharpshot Bow Merchants (once per playthrough)
Adept Ropecaster Ropecaster Merchants
Adept Lodge Ropecaster Ropecaster Hunters Lodge
Adept Tripcaster Tripcaster Merchants

How do I get adept Forgefire?

This weapon must be obtained by defeating a rogue Oseram, Ohlgrud, in the Cut’s only Bandit Camp, Stone Yield, while the improved version can be obtained by bringing the base weapon to Varga and completing the quest Geared Up: Forgefire. Both can be purchased from the Cut’s special merchant afterwards.

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How do I get adept Icerail?

The weapon is first given to Aloy as reward for completing the quest For the Werak. It can later be purchased from Special Merchants in The Cut. The Upgraded version can be first obtained by completing the quest Geared Up: Icerail, which afterward makes it available for purchase in The Cut’s special merchants.

What is the max level in Horizon zero dawn?

Horizon: Zero Dawn has a level cap of 60 (with something called a “ghost level” much higher than that) after the release of The Frozen Wilds, each level you gain increases your maximum health and gives you one skill point to spend in any of the skill trees in game.

What is the best weapon in Horizon zero dawn?

Part of the Frozen Wilds expansion, the Improved Stormslinger is unlocked during a side quest in that storyline (it’s called “Geared Up: Stormslinger”). The Improved Stormslinger is the most powerful weapon in the game in terms of raw damage, and is especially deadly when up against foes which are weak to electricity.

Is there an adept shield Weaver?

There is no adept shield weaver or anything like it, though the shield weaver does help in UH.

How do you get Banuk weapons?

Icerail Icerail is obtained through the main story mission called For the Werak. Just like other quest weapons, it is inside a box, this time called the Banuk Icerail Weapon Box. Complete this main quest, open the box and you’ll get to enjoy one of the most powerful ranged weapons.

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Are Banuk bows better?

Banuk bows are better than Shadow

As well as having nifty feathers sticking out from each side, they deal a ton more damage and can have one extra modification more than the Shadow variants.

What is the best hunter bow in Horizon zero dawn?

Which are the best bows in Horizon Zero Dawn? According to USgamer, the best standard bow you can acquire is the shadow hunter bow, which will cost you 650 metal shards and an item called a watcher heart. It fires hunter, hardpoint and fire arrows, so it’s useful in a variety of situations.

Can you upgrade Tearblaster?

The Tearblaster is one of only two weapons of “Very Rare” value to not have Adept version in New Game+, the other is Sylens’ Lance. As of Frozen Wilds, it also becomes the only weapon that is both unmodifiable and has no alternate/superior variant.

Where can I sell my Bluegleam?

A merchant at the foot of the Shaman’s Patch will allow you to trade this currency for powerful items. He’ll offer the Banuk Champion Bow (12 Bluegleam), Banuk Powershot Bow (14 Bluegleam), Banuk Striker Bow (16 Bluegleam). Bluegleam can also be traded for other things with this merchant.

How do you do the Ikrie challenge?

To complete this challenge, Aloy will have to defeat 4 Scrappers, 3 Grazers, 2 Tramplers and 1 Fire Bellowback to get the gold medal. The amount of ammunition is also limited to only 5 Fire Arrows, 30 Hunter Arrows, and 25 Hardpoint Arrows.

How do I upgrade my Icerail?

In order to upgrade the weapon you obviously have to obtain it first – the Icerail is a reward for finishing the quest For the Werak. The machine we have to hunt for this upgrade is not found in the cut. Use the fast-travel to get to the Thunderjaw-location and speak to Varga there.

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