How do you get better weapons in BDO?

To enhance your equipment, talk to your black spirit companion and select the ‘enhance’ option. Using black stones, which can be found on level 25+ monsters or purchased on the marketplace, you can increase the base stats on a piece of gear up to 15 times, adding +1 to the name of the item for each success.

What order should I upgrade BDO?

Gear Enhancement Levels

  1. PEN (V) +20 (best/max level)
  2. TET (IV) +19.
  3. TRI (III) +18.
  4. DUO (II) +17.
  5. PRI (I) +16.
  6. +15 to +1.


Which BDO boss to get first?

Kzarka Mainhand Weapon (normally the easiest boss item to obtain) or Offin Tett’s (slightly more AP, but less Attack Speed and Accuracy) or Blackstar Weapon (a quested red grade weapon with massive PVE Monster AP.) Dandelion Awakened Weapon or Blackstar Awakening Weapon. Sub-weapons: Kutum (PVE) / Nouver (PVP)

How is BDO gear score calculated?

The formula for calculating Gear Score (GS): GS = ((com. Attack + awa. Attack) / 2) + Defence rounded up

  1. 211 – 217.
  2. 218 – 225.
  3. 226 – 232.
  4. 233 – 240.
  5. 241 – 247.
  6. 248 – 255.
  7. 256 – 262.
  8. 263 – 270.

What is the best gear in BDO?

Black Desert Online Best Armor For Every Class

  1. Main Hand Weapon. Kzarka – Drops a yellow grade main weapon and is considered to be the “Best In Slot” due to the ease of managing to acquire it and at the same time it gives a good amount of AP. …
  2. Sub Weapon. …
  3. Awake Weapon. …
  4. Armor. …
  5. Gloves. …
  6. Helmet. …
  7. Shoes.
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What is BDO strength?

Strength increases your carrying capacity by a bit each level. Autolooping in town while afk is how most people do it (you will see many people going back and forth with backpacks).

How does BDO increase movement speed?

Fast Travel by putting Magic Crystals in the sockets of your gear. Magic Crystals that buff Movement Speed can be put into shoe sockets. Many shoes have two sockets, for a maximum of +4 using two +2 crystals.

Can you ultimate blue gear BDO?

You can only upgrade either green or blue gear to ultimate versions, using an ultimate reform stone. It then gains additional properties, usually a bit of extra basic stats, so AP or DP, as well as a bit of an extra sub stats.

Can you sell ultimate gear BDO?

Here is a quick guide on how to remove ultimate from your weapons or armor so you can resell them at marketplace. Step 2: Exit out of the shop once you have the stone and get back into the Blacksmith’s menu. … Step 4: Put your weapon or armor into the extraction. The stone should automatically be there.

What do I do with BDO Hunter seals?

Hunter’s Seals can be given to Daphne DelLucci, if you are short on Black Shards.

Obtaining Hunter’s Seals

  1. Subjugation quests reset at 00:00 UTC every day.
  2. You can only complete Subjugation quests twice a day.
  3. NOTE!! Do NOT complete any graduation quests, if you want to continue doing their dailies.


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