How do you get colorless weapons in dead cells?

Colorless items, which are found in Cursed Chests and when unlocking a blueprint from the Collector, scale according to your highest stat. This means that if your highest stat at the time is Brutality, the colorless item is Brutality. If later on your highest stat is Tactics, your item will now scale with Tactics.

How do you get weapons in dead cells?

In order to expand the range of weapons available to be found in dungeons and merchants, we need to find Blueprints which we will then need to return to the Collector (you’ll drop them if you die!). He can be found in the passage between biomes at the end of each area.

What is the most powerful weapon in dead cells?

Besides fulfilling everyone’s “unlimited power” dreams, the Lightning Bolt is one of the most powerful weapons in Dead Cells. It deals constant damage, inflicting critical hits after holding for five ticks. But you must be careful with this weapon, as after five critical hits it starts damaging you!

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How do you get weapons out of backpack dead cells?

You can store any weapons in your backpack, except 2-handed weapons and the Giantkiller (for obvious reasons), by pressing the backpack key (Y on Xbox controller, △ on a PlayStation one) when picking a weapon. Empty your backpack by holding the “use” key.

How many runes does a dead cell have?

There are currently 8 runes in Dead Cells: the Vine Rune, the Teleportation Rune, the Challenger Rune, the Ram Rune, the Spider Rune, the Homunculus Rune, the Customization Rune, and the Explorer’s Rune.

What is the best sword in dead cells?

Dead Cells – The Best Swords In The Game (& Where To Find Them)

  1. 1 Cursed Sword.
  2. 2 Hattori’s Katana. …
  3. 3 Broadsword. …
  4. 4 Spite Sword. …
  5. 5 Frantic Sword. Frantic Sword DPS (Critical DPS) – 137 (285) …
  6. 6 Rapier. Rapier Base DPS (Critical DPS) – 106 (268) …
  7. 7 Oiled Sword. Oiled Sword Base DPS (Critical DPS) – 127 (165) …


What weapons should I unlock in dead cells?

The 10 Best Dead Cells Blueprints (& Where To Find Them)

  • 10 Rampart.
  • 9 Hokuto’s Bow.
  • 8 Great Owl Of War.
  • 7 Hemorrhage.
  • 6 Lightning Bolt.
  • 5 Explosive Crossbow.
  • 4 Magic Missile.
  • 3 Heavy Turret.


Is lightning bolt good dead cells?

The Lightning Bolt is an electric-type ranged weapon which deals more damage if it is channeled for an extended amount of time, and also damages the player if they use it for too long. Like all electric weapons and items, it also inflicts shock damage.

How many items are in a dead cell?

Dead Cells is a sidescrolling rogue-lite action platformer filled with generated twisting corridors, clever foes, and an array of weapons for players to uncover in the game’s stages. Fifty weapons, to be exact, and each of them offers a change in how the player approaches foes and combat.

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Where can I wall jump in dead cells?

This entrance can be found in the very first area. From there you need to go to Ancient Sewers, then defeat the boss in Insufferable Crypt before finally reaching the Slumbering Sanctuary. Defeat the Elite Boss caster here and he will drop the Spider Rune, allowing you to climb vertical spaces without breaking a sweat.

How long are dead cells?

Dead Cells is a perfectly good, well designed game that you could spend 20 to 30 hours on and then put down.

Can you complete dead cells?

A single playthrough of Dead Cells should take you about 2 hours provided that you have a good build. 2 hours is a lot of time, however, you don’t have complete all levels in one go. The game saves your progress upon exiting it. To be sure that your progress is saved you can pause the game and select Quit option.

How many bosses are in dead cells?

There are currently eight bosses in the game: the Concierge, Conjunctivius, Mama TickTBS, the Time Keeper, the GiantRotG, the ScarecrowFF, the Hand of the King, and a 5 BSC exclusive bossRotG.

How do you increase speed in a dead cell?

You get it by killing stuff quickly in succession. It basically saves time on the clock, so Timed Doors are easier. As long as you kill something every couple of seconds, buff will refresh.

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