How do you get special weapons in pso2?

In PSO2 you may find ? Special Weapons in red boxes that needs to be appraised by the Item Tekker. Weapon appraisals can be quite expensive but they come with special abilities that may be worth your while. The Item Tekker is located on the first floor of the shopping lobby, right next to the weapon shop.

Are special weapons worth it PSO2?

depends. on something like persona where almost all of the utekked weapons are cubes, they are absolutely worth picking up. additionally, with untekked stuff you have better odds of getting an 8s weapon, which could sell for 100k paying for all of the untekking and then some.

How do you get a unique weapon badge?

Head to the Shopping Plaza and go up to the second floor. Look for a dark red booth where you can talk to Nanon, the Badge & Memory exchange vendor. Talking to her allows you to exchange Unique Weapon Badges and Memories for rare items.

How do I identify weapons in PSO2?

You can identify it from the girl beside DooDoo. It’s the shop beside the weapon and disc shop.

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What weapons can force use PSO2?


  • Swords.
  • Partizans.
  • Twin Daggers.
  • Double Sabers.
  • Knuckles.
  • Katanas.
  • Dual Bladess.

What do I do with extra weapons PSO2?

  1. If they’re 7-9 star weapons, then I either break them down into crafting materials or just sell them to the NPC shop, depending on whether I feel like moving to my room or not. …
  2. If they’re 10 star weapons, then I usually trade them in for excubes at the Recycle Shop.

What is the best element in PSO2?

What do you recommend? By sheer dint of quantity, light wins by default. There is simply no other element in the game that has as many enemies weak to it (fire gets close, but still can’t claim to have enemies weak against it in every level of the game). Even Chrome Dragon, in the next area update, is light-weak.

Where is lavere in PSO2?

Who Is Lavere? Lavere is an NPC in the gate area who gives client orders for killing Falspawn. You can find her on the right side of the map looking out the window.

What are photon drops for PSO2?

High purity crystal Photon. Photon Drop, commonly abbreviated as PD, is a unique item that is used as a common, valuable currency between players. Photon Drops can drop from any enemy or box in the game on any difficulty. They can also be given to Paganini in exchange for items and weapon enhancements.

What is a Talis pso2?

Talis (Japanese: タリス) is a rare card-type weapon found in Phantasy Star Online. … When its special attack is used on the enemy, the weapon will attempt to steal 4% of your max TP from the target if the attack hits.

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Is it worth appraising items pso2?

Appraising will cost you a small amount of Meseta, but it is well worth the cost for the high-powered gear you have in your possession now. That’s the process of Appraisal; take an unknown item and find out what its value is. It’s easy and will become a regular routine for you.

What weapons do bouncers use pso2?

Bouncer can wield gunslashes, dual blades, and jet boots, and can use the corresponding photon arts as well as techniques.

Is techer good PSO2?

Techer is very support-oriented, with many boosts to support techs in the skill tree. Shifta and Deband both actually can become fairly useful if a Techer picks the right skills! Territory Burst is notable for greatly boosting the range of support techs, including Zondeel and Megiverse.

Is bouncer good PSO2?

Bouncer is one of the best beginner classes in Phantasy Star Online 2. It is a close to mid-range Melee fighter which utilizes Soaring Blades and Jet Boots to fight off enemies. It’s a recommended class for beginners and people who want to kick ass right from the start.

What weapons do Bravers use?

Bravers can wield gunslashes, katanas, and bullet bows, also having access to the corresponding photon arts. The class is known for both long and close range combat, able to adapt to almost any situation.

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