How do you get the semi auto shotgun in Red Dead Redemption 1?

The Semi-auto Shotgun is obtained at Level 26. It can also be found in a weapon crate when playing in Las Hermanas. The Semi-auto Shotgun can also be dropped by the Bollard gang or Walton’s gang. It is one of the 3 weapons that can be found during an Undead Overrun match, and is also a part of the “mauler” loadout.

How do you get the semi-auto shotgun in Red Dead Redemption?

Acquisition. This shotgun is available from all gunsmiths after the mission “A Fine Night of Debauchery”. It can also be found when robbing Watson’s Cabin northwest of Wallace Station, in the basement. In Red Dead Online, the shotgun becomes available for purchase after reaching Rank 42.

How do you get the pump shotgun in Red Dead Redemption?

Red Dead Redemption

  1. The player can receive the Pump-action Shotgun from a member of Dutch’s Gang during the mission “And The Truth Will Set You Free”.
  2. The player can also obtain it by killing Edgar Ross in the Stranger Side-mission “Remember my Family” outside the duel.
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When can you buy the repeating shotgun rdr2?

Acquisition. This shotgun is available from all gunsmiths after completing the mission “Visiting Hours”.

What is the semi auto shotgun in rdr2 in real life?

The design of the Semi-Auto Shotgun is based on a real life Browning Auto-5 Shotgun. The in-game version of the weapon is manufactured by Brun Et Fabre. This weapon can be customized at any of the Gunsmiths.

What is the semi auto shotgun in rdr2 based on?

The Semi-auto Shotgun is based on the real world Browning Auto-5 Shotgun.

What’s the best shotgun in rdr2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Shotguns

Weapon DMG Cost
Pump Action Shotgun 2.2 $148
Rare Shotgun 2.5 $95
Repeating Shotgun 2.2 $185
Sawed-Off Shotgun 2.5 $85

Is Volcanic pistol good?

The Hutton & Baird Volcanic Pistol combines the stopping power of a repeating rifle with the portability of a sidearm. Although the accuracy is good, the slow firing rate and reload speed mean that you’d better hit your target with the first shot.

Is the Volcanic pistol real?

Volcanic made an improved version of the Rocket Ball ammunition, and a carbine and pistol version of the lever action gun to fire it.

Volcanic Repeating Arms.

Type Private
Founders Horace Smith; Daniel B. Wesson
Defunct 1856
Fate Acquired
Successor New Haven Arms Company

Is the repeating shotgun good rdr2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Repeating Shotgun is a Shotgun Weapon Type, which is ideal for hunting and Animals. This weapons best stats are Damage 2.2/4 (Best) and Reload 2.2/4 (Good) and its lowest stats being Range 1.2/4 (Weak). You can attach components like Iron Sights, Wraps.

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Is there anything in Limpany rdr2?

Limpany. The burned-out town of Limpany is located along the Dakota River just to the north of Flatneck Station and straight south of Valentine in New Hanover. You’re looking for the Sheriff’s Station which is the southernmost building.

Where are all the gold bars in rdr2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bar Locations

  • Visit Limpany, the burned town just south of Horseshoe Overlook. …
  • Near Cotorra Springs there is a ravine with a wrecked train lying in the bottom. …
  • Climb up to the top of the cliff that the train car is leaning into. …
  • Staying crouched, walk to the right under the overhang.


Which repeater is best rdr2?

Litchfield Repeater – Arguably the best repeater in the game, the Litchfield Repeater has above average stats in just about every category. A good rate of fire combines with high accuracy and the highest damage of any repeater to create one of Red Dead Redemption 2’s most reliable weapons.

How does a repeating shotgun work?

Different to the preceding single-shot firearms (which can only hold and fire one round), a repeating firearm can store multiple cartridges inside a magazine (internal or detachable), a cylinder or a belt, and uses a moving action to manipulate each of these cartridges into and out of battery position (within the …

What kind of shotgun was used in Terminator 2?

Sawed-Off Winchester 1887 Lever-Action Shotgun

In Terminator 2, Arnold’s T-800 Model 101 is a good guy—a reprogrammed Terminator sent from the future to protect a 10-year-old John Connor from the liquid-metal T-1000.

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