How do you get the shotgun in re?

Where is the shotgun in re Village?

The M1897 shotgun in Resident Evil Village

The shotgun can be found on the dining table inside the house that has two monsters perched on top of it in East Old Town.

How do I get a re 1 shotgun?

The Shotgun is obtained on the first floor on the east side of the mansion, acting as a trigger for the falling ceiling in the adjacent room. In Chris’s segment, he must exchange the shotgun with a broken one to prevent the trap from being triggered.

How do you get the shotgun in RE 3?

The shotgun is inside the Subway Office in the first part of the game. You need a Bolt Cutter to get it. At the back of the Subway Office is a fire hose you can use to put out the fire to the alleyway, next to the toy shop. Go into that alleyway and find the tools room next to the garage.

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How do you get the shotgun in Resident Evil HD remastered?

The shotgun can be obtained in a room inside the mansion by taking it off of a set of hooks in a lounge. This Shotgun has a wood pump and stock as well as ornate designs on the side. It holds six 12-Gauge shells and is much more powerful than the handgun.

What is the strongest weapon in RE8?

The LEMI can be fully customized immediately after you leave Castle Dimitrescu. Once upgraded, this weapon can be pretty formidable even until the late game. The Sniper Rifle provides the highest damage output during the early parts of the game.

What replaces the shotgun in Resident Evil 7?

As for the Model Shotgun, this is found in the Kid’s Room and Attic area as you’re searching for the key cards. Once you have the Model Shotgun, you can use that to swap it with the Broken Shotgun you used earlier, then combine a Repair Kit with it to get the M21 Shotgun.

Where is the shotgun in not a hero?

Shotgun Location: You will reacquire the Thor’s Hammer Shotgun in the Blue door trap area, on the shelves after saving the third soldier.

Can Chris get the assault shotgun?

The Assault Shotgun is a weapon item in the 2002 remake version of Resident Evil. … The weapon becomes available once Richard sacrifices his life to save Jill Valentine from the Yawn or Chris Redfield from a Neptune.

Where is the broken shotgun?

Location: The Broken Shotgun is located on the second floor of the Main House. It is located inside Grandma’s Room, which is locked by a Scorpion Door, and requires the Scorpion Key from the Processing Area to unlock.

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How do you unlock the yellow lock in Resident Evil 3?

To get through the Yellow Locks in Resident Evil 3, you will have to first find a lock pick. Luckily for you, it cannot be missed. After you put out the flames in the alley, enter the repair shop and grab the bolt cutters. Use that to cut through the red door and work your way back outside.

What is the red jewel for in Resident Evil 3?

There are three in fact: a red, blue and green gem, and you might wondering what to do with them. They actually fit in the Resident Evil 3 Railway Clock back at the subway where you start, and will unlock incredibly useful extras like a shotgun stock and inventory boosting hip pouch.

Where is the subway office in Resident Evil 3?

From the Subway Power Substation Control Room, make your way all the way back to the Kite Bros. Railway Subway Office on the west side of downtown.

Does Jill need the broken shotgun?

In Jill’s scenario, she can take the working Shotgun from the Lounge without replacing it with the Broken Shotgun. She will still get caught in the trap, but Barry will come to the rescue, showing this incarnation of the famous “Jill Sandwich” scene. This can save time, as there is no other use for the Broken Shotgun.

How do you get the shotgun as Jill?

Next to the medical storage room is a small storeroom where you can pick up a broken shotgun. Collect it, then from there head to the opposite side of the mansion to the drawing room. The shotgun will be located on the far wall on a set of hooks, which will trigger a trap in the room when removed.

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