How do you get TIFA’s weapon?

The Premium Heart is the ultimate weapon for Tifa and can be obtained by examining a machine in the abandoned building that has a sign “ITEM” outside in Wall Market. It can be obtained after the player has found the Key to Sector 5 buried in Bone Village after Highwind is available.

Where can I find TIFA’s weapons?

Tifa’s Weapons & How To Get Them

Weapon How To Get
Leather Gloves Tifa’s initial equipment
Metal Knuckles Defeat Crab Warden (Chapter 5)
Sonic Strikers Get from chest in B5F Maintenance Floor (Chapter 7) Shinra Building Shop (Chapter 16)
Feathered Gloves Get from a purple chest (Chapter 10) Shinra Building Shop (Chapter 16)

What is TIFA’s weapon?

When you’re playing as Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Remake, your goal is to hit things and hit them hard enough to cause the enemy to stagger. That’s why her endgame weapon, the Purple Pain, is such a boon. Using the weapon’s True Strike ability, you can stagger any foe vulnerable to physical damage with ease.

What is the best weapon for TIFA?

Arguably, Tifa’s best weapon is Purple Pain, a pair of violet gloves that you pick up in Chapter 16 when you’re infiltrating Shinra Headquarters. These gloves deal a very impressive amount of damage and are great for quickly staggering enemies.

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How can I increase stagger to 200%?

How to Increase Stagger Bonus to 200% in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  1. First, stagger your enemy by punishing with Cloud and Barrett. …
  2. Once the enemy is staggered, switch to Tifa and use her Unbridled Strength Ability.
  3. This will power up her triangle special attacks, which you can just use repeatedly to hit 200%


What is the best sword in FF7?

If you want Cloud to be part-mage, the Mythril Saber is the best weapon for magic. Its attack value is significantly lower than everything but the Nail Bat, mind. This isn’t true for every character, but the Twin Stinger, Cloud’s final weapon is the best-of-both-worlds, with entirely even Attack and Magic stats.

Is FF7 remake good luck?

A higher Luck stat increases a character’s chance at successfully using the Steal Command. More importantly, it increases a character’s chances of doling out a critical hit for twice the normal damage. … Therefore, fully upgrading the Luck Up Materia to boost luck by 50 percent is well worth the investment.

Can you miss TIFA’s final weapon?

You missed it for now. Once you beat the game you unlock chapter select so you can go back and get it then, but there is no way otherwise.

Does Tifa Lockhart use guns?

This is a character page for Tifa, containing her abilities, characteristics, and Limit Breaks, as well as her weapons, and recommended battle settings for Tifa in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R).

Tifa’s Backstory and Profile.

Name Tifa Lockheart
Weapons Gloves
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How do I get TIFA’s Limit Break?

Final Heaven (Tifa)

Tifa’s Level 4 Limit Break is called Final Heaven and it can be obtained anytime after Cloud has rejoined your party (after you pick him up in Mideel on Disc 2). You have to return to Tifa’s house and play the piano up in her room.

What do I do after TIFA Falls?

Jump on the lights

Keep going until you finally reach the lamps. There’ll be some ladders for you to climb. From the lamps, keep jumping until you reach the information center. Tifa will then grab the Shinra keycard.

What is Cloud’s strongest weapon?

Ultima Weapon has the highest stats of any of Cloud’s weapons, and eight Materia slots, though its Materia gain no AP. It is Cloud’s most powerful weapon both for dealing physical damage in attacks and Limits, and in casting spells due to the Magic stat and number of slots.

What materia should I use for TIFA?

The perfect fit if you want Tifa to cover every base. Recommended Materia: Fire, Ice, Lightning – Any offensive magic will do, just to help round out Tifa’s tools. Healing – Tifa is naturally speedy, so she gains ATB faster than other characters.

How do you get the best weapon in clouds?

Cloud Strife

However, the best weapon option for Cloud depends a great deal on how you prefer to play him in FF7 Remake. When the following weapons are entirely maxed out, the three best weapons for Cloud end up being Hardedge, Mythril Saber, and Twin Stinger, but all for different reasons.

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