How do you upgrade doom weapons in DragonFable?

They can be upgraded by Chaney in the Crystal Clear Lake quest. Then by the Mysterious Stranger by bring 5 Unlucky Doom Essence. Then twice more at Yulgar’s Forge also with Unlucky Doom Essence making them the highest hitting weapons in the game. Surprisingly, they are non-DA, though only DA-holders can upgrade them.

Where do you upgrade doom weapons in Dragonfable?

How to Upgrade Doom Weapons

  • Buy a Doom Weapon in Mysterious Stranger’s Shop.
  • Visit Chamney at Crystal Clear Lake, at Amityvale and Upgrade Doom.
  • Have a visit to Mysterious Stranger and Upgrade Doom.
  • Have a visit to Yulgar at Battleon and Upgrade Doom.

How do you get weapons in Dragonfable destiny?

In order to get a Destiny weapon, you have two options: Either purify your Doom weapon to turn it into a Destiny weapon of a matching level, or buy a brand new Doom weapon and upgrade it all the way up from the most basic form.

How do you get unlucky doom essence in Dragonfable?

To get unlucky doom essence, you must be a DA. Go to amityvale, and go to artix. I suggest you invite him since he will be a big help and have a pet with you, suggest a light pet since the monsters you are fighting inside are undead. Talk to Artix and click on Haunted House which I guess is in the Quest.

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How do you get DoomKnight armor in Dragonfable?

It is obtained by buying all 4 DoomKnight Item DC packages. Every DoomKnight skill has scaling damage, given by the following formula: 100% scaled damage = (100 + 2 * [Player Level])% base damage.

How do you get blinding light of Dragonfable destiny?

They are obtained when a player purifies a Doom Weapon.

How do you get Chaosweaver?

Chaosweaver is the third Ravenloss Saga class. It is available after level 50 for 1800 DCs at Secundus in the Fire Paradigm after completing Just Chilling. Chaosweaver uses a special mechanic known as Soulthreads, which are generated by some skills and consumed to empower other skills.

Is DoomKnight a good class?

Legion DoomKnight is definitely one of the best solo classes I’ve ever used. In fact, it’s the most fun I ever had with a class since Dragonlord and Bard. This class is an extremely great solo class like Oracle, except it’s much faster and more versatile.

How do you become a SoulWeaver in Dragonfable?

The SoulWeaver Armor is obtainable after completing the Race to the Judgement Wheel, and is available through Tomix at Ravenloss. Shards of the Spirit-loom (currently obtainable from the Random Quests Tomix gives you) are needed to train the class. SpiritLooms are the gauntlets one can see on the user’s forearms.

How do you get Riftwalker class in Dragonfable?

Riftwalker. Riftwalker is the Atealan Warrior class. It is obtained by completing “Milkgrass Arena” from Alz’ein in Atrea (the Anomaly). This class requires a Dragon Amulet.


  1. Required Level: 15.
  2. 35 MP, 4 CD.
  3. Attacks for 4 hits of 56.25% damage (225% total).
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