How do you upgrade science weapons in outer worlds?

How do you upgrade weapons in the outer world?

Another way to upgrade your weapons and armour in The Outer Worlds is by equipping them with modes. Again, you need to visit a workbench to carry out equipment modifications. Simply interact with a workbench, select the modification option, and then chose the weapon or piece of armour you want to mod.

Are science weapons good outer worlds?

There are five science weapons in The Outer Worlds and they all need energy ammo to function, their special abilities compromise the damage dealt, but who cares when you’re shrinking robots. Science weapons also make up one of the best The Outer Worlds builds.

How do you get science weapons in outer worlds?

All five Science Weapons can be found by completing the side quest, Weapons From the Void. This side quest is available after you’ve completed Stranger in a Strange Land. You can start it by reading the logs on the computer terminal in the captain’s quarters The Unreliable.

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What counts as a science weapon in the outer worlds?

Science weapons are basically anything a mad scientist would create — like shrink rays, anti-gravity guns, or mind control rays. They don’t deal a ton of damage on their own, but their damage will scale with the wielder’s tech > science skill. They all require energy cell ammo.

Are flaws good outer worlds?

The Cynophobia flaw in The Outer Worlds is triggered by being mauled too many times by Canids. … Taking on the Cynophobia flaw in The Outer Worlds is one of the better flaws to accept. The negative effects aren’t too bad, and Canids are among the weaker creatures roaming around in the game.

What is the best weapon in the outer worlds?

When it comes to the best melee weapons in The Outer Worlds, the Plasma Cutter wins by a long shot. This one-handed melee sword can be swung rapidly and as you’d expect, it deals some severe Plasma damage.

Can I kill Gladys outer worlds?

She’s carrying a safe key on her body — you can break into the safe using Lockpick skills, or kill Gladys and take the safe key. You can safely Lockpick the safe by crouching down behind the safe to the left of the entrance.

Is melee good in outer worlds?

Especially in the early-game, Melee isn’t 100% viable. Sometimes running at 5 bandits while they pepper you with bullets isn’t the best idea. We recommend having a backup gun to use in case there are large groups of enemies coming from far away.

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Who is the best companion in outer worlds?

The Best Companions in The Outer Worlds

  1. Parvati.
  2. Nyoka. …
  3. Ellie. …
  4. Vicar Max. …
  5. Felix. Felix can be found roaming on the Groundbreaker, eager to come aboard your crew after suffering years of neglect and abandonment. …
  6. SAM. SAM is a cleaning robot that you’ll find out-of-order, resting on the second floor of your ship. …


How do you get a Gloop gun in outer worlds?

You can unlock the weapon they have been developing with Hack (55) or answer: Protect the Chairman, answer: Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor, answer: Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program. This will get you the Gloop Gun.

How do you get the prismatic hammer in outer worlds?

How-to Find the Prismatic Hammer – The Outer Worlds

  1. Step 1: Go to the Groundbreaker. On your ship map, locate the Groundbreaker. …
  2. Step 2: Go Into Customs. Once you arrive at the Groundbreaker, you’ll see a big electric sign that says Customs. …
  3. Step 3: Slay the Enemies. …
  4. Step 4: Collect the Prismatic Hammer.


Where is groundbreaker science weapon?

Your search for the Science Weapon hidden on the Groundbreaker begins by heading back to Customs. Don’t exit through Customs though, instead turn to the right and go through the door into a small rest area. Head through this door, which is near Customs.

What is the best damage type in the outer worlds?

Physical damage is the most common type inflicted by weapons. It is useful against standard flesh enemies but is weak against anything armored. Shock damage is great against automechanical, or robotic, enemies, but doesn’t do so well against other enemy types.

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