How good is Magtech ammo?

Is Magtech ammo good? Magtech is considered a high quality commercial ammunition. It’s consistent, reliable, and affordable, making it a favorite among avid shooters. Beyond the recreational shooter, Magtech sells to more than 20 law enforcement agencies around the world.

Is Magtech ammo dirty?

Magtech is dirty. But who cares; clean your guns after shooting you’re good to go. Reloading you will probably still save a little, especially reusing “free” brass. And it will certainly be cleaner.

Is Magtech a good ammo brand?

Magtech Ammunition has been producing ammo since 1926 and has earned a reputation for quality among serious shooters around the globe. … By combining high quality materials, the best manufacturing techniques, and highly advanced equipment, Magtech Ammunition is able to deliver on their promised high standards.

Is Magtech 9mm ammo any good?

MagTech is consistent, accurate and reliable. I’d say it is a definite step up from UMC and WWB. $9.50 is a great price too.

Are Magtech ammo reloads?

Pro Load offers 30 handgun cartridges from . 380 ACP up to . 44 Magnum. None of them are “reloads” since Pro Load uses only new brass.

Is Magtech 5.56 ammo good?

855 and 193, runs just fine and it’s accurate. In all the years I have been shooting, the Magtech/CBC 5.56 ammo is the best BULK ammo I have encountered. It is FIRST quality 5.56 (not factory seconds made from rejected .

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How much does a 1000 rounds of 9mm weigh?

For example, the difference between 1000 rounds of 9 mm with 115 grain bullets and 1000 rounds with 147 grain bullets is around 4.5 pounds, compared with Brownie’s base weight of 38.1 pounds for the 115 grain.

Who makes Fiocchi Ammo?

Fiocchi Munizioni (Fiocchi Ammunition) is one of Italy’s largest and oldest manufacturers of ammunition. The company’s headquarters and main production plant are in Via Santa Barbara in Lecco, Italy.

Where is Magtech ammo manufactured?

CBC Global Ammunition has its headquarters and three production facilities in Brazil (where Magtech products are made), two factories in Europe – MEN in Germany and Sellier & Bellot in Czech Republic – and one subsidiary in Minnesota – Magtech Ammunition Inc, which acts as a master distributor to the US market.

Is Magtech 10mm ammo any good?

This 10mm Ammo by Magtech is the top pick of numerous competitive shooters. Magtech Sport ammunition is an excellent brand of high quality, low cost target ammunition. … Magtech Sport is non-corrosive, new production ammunition in boxer primer and reloadable brass cases.

Is Magtech ammo good for self-defense?

Self-Defense/ Service

Magtech Self-Defense and Service ammunition is currently used by law enforcement agencies around the world. They count on Magtech ammunition every day for reliable performance in the most demanding environments.

Who makes Magtech 9MM ammo?

CBC Global Ammunition – One of the most successful ammunition brands in the World, Magtech has built its reputation on quality, consistency and reliability. From sport shooting to self-defense, as well as tactical to law enforcement applications, Magtech offers a wide range of products for every need.

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Who makes Sellier and Bellot ammo?

Sellier & Bellot is a firearms ammunition manufacturer situated in Vlašim, Czech Republic. It is a subsidiary of the Brazilian company CBC.

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