How many pistol purchase permits can I get in NC?

Under current law, people who don’t have concealed carry permits have to get a pistol purchase permit from their sheriff for each handgun they buy. They can get more than one permit in a day, and there’s no limit how many permits they can get, but each purchase requires separate paperwork from the county sheriff.

How many guns can I buy with a permit in NC?

NOTE: North Carolina law allows for the purchase of a single handgun with a single valid purchase permit. Multiple long guns may be purchased with a single pistol purchase permit; however, they must be purchased in a single transaction.

How often can you buy a handgun in North Carolina?

Each permit is only valid for the purchase of one handgun. You need to apply for a separate permit for each handgun you want to buy. There’s no limit to the number of permits you can apply for at once, though, so you’ve got that going for you.

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Can you buy a pistol without a permit in North Carolina?

Do I need a permit to buy a firearm? Yes, if you are buying a handgun; no, for a long gun (rifle or shotgun). When purchasing a handgun in North Carolina, you need a current, valid NC state-issued form of identification and either an NC Pistol Purchase Permit or a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun permit.

What disqualifies you from getting a gun permit in NC?

Pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-404(c)(3), an individual is disqualified from receiving a pistol purchase permit if the applicant is “an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, or narcotic drug.”

Can you open carry in Walmart in North Carolina?

On Sept. 3, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced that the company would stop selling handgun ammunition and short-barrel rifle ammunition, and asked customers to no longer openly carry weapons in the store. … Unlike South Carolina, North Carolina allows the open carry of firearms without a permit.

Can I carry a shotgun in my car in North Carolina?

North Carolina permits the open carrying of a long gun or a handgun in a motor vehicle with no license or permit required. Except when on one’s own premises then you can carry concealed.

Can I buy a gun at a gun show in NC?

North Carolina has closed the unlicensed sale loophole for handguns, meaning prohibited purchasers cannot skip a background check and acquire a handgun simply by seeking out an unlicensed seller at a gun show or online.

How long does it take to get a handgun purchase permit in NC?

Depending on which county you are applying in, it may take 14 to 30 days for your application to be processed. Once it is processed, you will get a letter or email indicating whether your permit request was approved or denied. Pick up your permit as soon as possible if you were approved.

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How much is a pistol purchase permit in NC?

A permit to purchase a handgun has a processing cost of $5 (each). A convenience fee of $3 (per application, plus a credit card processing fee) will also be charged for using the online application service. Note: Permit to Purchase a Handgun is valid for a period of five years from the date of issuance.

Is NC An open carry?

A summary from the North Carolina page at says, “North Carolina is a traditional open carry state. You may open carry in a motor vehicle. However, localities may regulate the carrying of firearms under certain circumstances.”

How much is a concealed carry permit in NC?

Fees. A New Concealed Handgun Permit costs $90.00, which includes the $10.00 fingerprinting fee. In addition to the $90.00, a notary fee of $5.00 will be needed if not already notarized. A Renewal Concealed Handgun Permit costs $75.00 plus a notary fee of $5.00 if not already notarized.

What is the age for open carry in North Carolina?

The Minimum age for Open Carry is 18. In some states Open Carry is forbidden in places where those with a valid permit/license can carry. This is not the last word on Open Carry in this state.

Can you buy a gun in NC with a misdemeanor?

North Carolina bans people with even a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction from getting a concealed carry permit, and in some cases the courts can also ban domestic abusers from buying guns in the future.

Can a felon get a gun permit in NC?

Government-issued permits are the only legal way to buy handguns in North Carolina. All felons, except some white-collar criminals, are barred from owning guns. To get the $5 permits, an applicant must pass a limited background check by a county sheriff that’s designed to weed out felons and others who can’t own guns.

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